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BEA Tuxedo Release 8.0

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BEA Tuxedo lets you build CORBA C++ applications that combine the best features of an Object Request Broker (ORB), distributed objects and transaction processing technology. The applications have the advantage of a CORBA-compliant programming model, combined with a powerful and robust Application-to-Transaction Monitor Interface (ATMI) infrastructure. The information presented here is designed to help you get started, develop CORBA applications, administer your systems, and find detailed reference descriptions.



Getting Started

Presents an overview of the CORBA environment in the BEA Tuxedo product and describes the process of developing CORBA applications using the BEA Tuxedo software.


Provides links to topics that describe how to enhance basic CORBA applications with features such as security, naming, and events.


Explains how to perform the administration tasks associated with building and running CORBA applications.


Provides links to reference information about the Object Management Group (OMG) Interface Definition Language (IDL), the mapping of OMG IDL to C++, the Implementation Configuration File (ICF), the TP framework application programming interface (API), the Bootstrap object, the CORBA API, Server-side mapping, and other APIs. In addition, links to the descriptions of the commands, system processes, and MIBs used by CORBA applications are included.

Sample Applications

Provides links to the CORBA sample applications which demonstrate the CORBA features in the BEA Tuxedo product.

System Messages

Documents the system message catalogs for the CORBA and ATMI components.