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BEA Tuxedo Release 7.1

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 Introducing BEA Tuxedo ATMI

BEA Tuxedo System Fundamentals

Explores the anatomy of the client/server model and how the BEA Tuxedo system fits into this model. Discusses clients, services, and servers and reviews the tools provided by the ATMI environment in the BEA Tuxedo product. Also provides an overview of the BEA family of products.


Discusses the architecture of the ATMI environment in the BEA Tuxedo product. The ATMI architecture includes application processing services such as data-dependent routing, data encoding and encryption, and load balancing, as well as administrative services such as centralized configuration, event and security management, message queues, and naming. Describes the communication paradigms supported by the system and explains how the system processes messages.

Three Ways of Viewing the BEA Tuxedo ATMI Infrastructure

Describes the administrative tools offered by the BEA Tuxedo system, including the BEA Administration Console, command-line utilities, the EventBroker, and the MIB. Discusses how to manage your configuration, security, transactions, and workstations, and how to modify and tune your ATMI application without shutting it down.

Integrating the BEA Tuxedo Product Family in an Enterprise System

Provides an overview of each of the following BEA products: BEA eLink, BEA Jolt, BEA Manager, BEA WebLogic Enterprise, and BEA WebLogic Server and how the products can be used with BEA Tuxedo.


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