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Webflow and Pipeline Management


Welcome to the Guide to Managing Presentation and Business Logic: Using Webflow and Pipeline!

The Webflow and Pipeline are flexible mechanisms designed to help you manage both the presentation and business logic in your e-commerce Web site, without the need for advanced programming skills. This topic describes the high-level architecture of the Webflow and Pipeline, and provides information about how you can use these mechanisms to customize or extend the e-business site provided with the BEA WebLogic Commerce Server product.




Overview of
Webflow and Pipeline Management

High-level Architecture

Architecture Categories

Development Roles

Next Steps


Customizing Webflow and Pipelines

Using Webflow

Customizing Webflow Using the File

Syntax of the File

Default Webflow

Dynamically Modifying Your Site's Webflow

Using Webflow in Your Web Pages

Webflow Search Order

Search Order Examples

Using Input Processors with Webflow

Syntax of Input Processors in the File

Chaining Input Processors

Further Customization of Input Processors

Using Pipelines with Webflow

Customizing Pipelines Using the File

Syntax of the File

Default Pipeline

Dynamically Modifying Your Site's Pipelines

Using Pipelines in the Webflow

Further Customization of Pipelines


Using the Webflow and Pipeline Editor

About the Webflow and Pipeline Editor

Starting the WebLogic Commerce Server Administration Tools

Global Origins

Viewing Global Origins

Adding a Global Origin

Editing a Global Origin

Adding an Event

Editing an Event

Deleting an Event

Deleting a Global Origin

Page Origins

Viewing Page Origins

Adding a Page Origin

Editing a Page Origin

Modifying Information About a Page Origin

Modifying a Page Origin's Events

Deleting a Page Origin

Inputprocessor Origins

Viewing Inputprocessor Origins

Adding an Inputprocessor Origin

Editing an Inputprocessor Origin

Modifying Information About an Inputprocessor Origin

Modifying an Inputprocessor Origin's Events

Deleting an Inputprocessor Origin

Pipeline Origins

Viewing Pipeline Origins

Adding a Pipeline Origin

Editing a Pipeline Origin

Modifying Information About a Pipeline Origin

Modifying a Pipeline Origin's Components

Modifying a Pipeline Origin's Events

Deleting a Pipeline Origin

How to Validate Your Properties Files

Validating the Webflow

Validating the Webflow and Verifying the Existence of Components

Validator Message Descriptions


Extending Webflow and Pipelines

Pipeline Sessions

What Is a Pipeline Session?

Attribute Scoping

Managing the Pipeline Session

Accessing the Pipeline Session

Storing the Pipeline Session in the HTTP Session

Extending Input Processors

Using the InputProcessor Interface

Input Processor Exceptions

The CommerceInputProcessor Base Class

Input Processor Naming Conventions

Input Processors and Statelessness

Other Development Guidelines

Extending Pipelines and Pipeline Components

Using the PipelineComponent Interface

Pipeline Component Exceptions

The CommercePipelineComponent Base Class

Pipeline Component Naming Conventions

Implementation of Pipeline Components as Stateless Session EJBs or Java Objects

Stateful Versus Stateless Pipeline Components

Transactional Versus Nontransactional Pipelines

Other Development Guidelines

Handling Session Timeouts

Using the getPipelineSession() Method

The InvalidSessionStateException Exception in

PipelineComponent and Session Timeouts

The InvalidPipelineSessionStateException Exception in webflow.properites

About the sessiontimeout.jsp Template


Webflow and Pipeline JSP Tags Library Reference

Webflow JSP Tags


Example 1

Example 2



About the ValidatedValues Java Class

Pipeline JSP Tags






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