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BEA Campaign Manager for WebLogic, BEA WebLogic Commerce Server, and BEA WebLogic Personalization Server with Portal Framework, Release 3.5

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Build e-commerce Web sites rapidly with BEA Campaign Manager for WebLogic, BEA WebLogic Commerce Server, and BEA WebLogic Personalization Server with Portal Framework

BEA Campaign Manager for WebLogic - Provides the ability to create and manage highly personalized and interactive marketing campaigns. It includes both the WebLogic Commerce Server and WebLogic Personalization Server with Portal Framework.

BEA WebLogic Commerce Server - Blends ready-to-run, out-of-the-box commerce functionality with the scalability and flexibility needed for e-business operations. It includes the WebLogic Personalization Server with Portal Framework.

BEA WebLogic Personalization Server with Portal Framework - Creates customized content and personalized marketing capabilities to e-commerce sites.

This page is divided into five sections:

 Product Family Overview and Product Tours

Product Family Overview

All Topics


E-Marketing Solutions

Campaign Manager for WebLogic

WebLogic Commerce Server

WebLogic Personalization Server with Portal Framework

Web and Enterprise Applications

Product Feature Comparison

Personalization Server with Portal Framework Tour

All Topics


Working with Properties

Working with User Profiles

Working with Content

Matching Users with Content

Editing the Example Portal

Deploying the New Example Portal

JSP Commerce and Campaign Tour

All Topics


Starting the Tour

New User Buys a Product

Registered User Buys a Product

Registered User Adds a Credit Card

Example of Customizing the Templates

A Sample Campaign

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 E-Marketing Solutions

Developing Campaign Infrastructure:
A Resource for Technical Developers

All Topics

Roadmap for Developing Campaign Infrastructure

Setting Up Ads for Campaigns

Setting Up JSP Tags and Scriptlets for Campaigns

Setting Up and Sending Email for Campaigns

The Campaign Manager Database Schema

Events and Behavior Tracking

All Topics


Creating Custom Events

Registering Custom Events

Persisting Behavior Tracking Data

JSP Tag Library Reference

Using the BEA E-Business Control Center

All Topics


Connecting the BEA E-Business Control Center to a Server

Building Conditions & Queries in the BEA E-Business Control Center

Using Customer Segments to Target High-Value Markets

Retrieving Documents with Content Selectors

Displaying Ads


Defining Stand-Alone or Campaign Discounts

Discount Examples

Roadmap for Creating Promotional Campaigns

Creating and Managing Promotional Campaigns

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 Building Commerce Features

Managing Presentation and Business Logic: Using Webflow and Pipeline

All Topics


Customizing Webflow and Pipelines

Using the Webflow and Pipeline Editor

Extending Webflow and Pipelines

JSP Tag Library Reference

Managing Purchases and Processing Orders

All Topics



Shopping Cart Management Services

Shipping Services

Taxation Services

Payment Services

Order Summary and Confirmation Services

Extending the Data Model

Using the Order and Payment Management Pages

The Order Processing Database Schema

Building a Product Catalog

All Topics


The Product Catalog Database Schema

Using the Product Catalog Database Loader

Catalog Administration Tasks

The Product Catalog JSP Templates

JSP Tag Library Reference

Using the API to Extend the Product Catalog

Product Catalog Internationalization Support

Registering Customers and Managing Customer Services

All Topics


Customer Registration and Login Services

Customer Profile Services

Customer Self-Service

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 Building Personalization Features

Building Personalized Applications

All Topics


Creating Personalized Applications With the Advisor

Introducing the Rules Manager

Working with Content Selectors

Foundation Classes and Utilities

Creating and Managing Property Sets

Creating and Managing Users

Creating and Managing Content

Working with Ad Placeholders

Creating Localized Applications with the Internationalization Tags

WebLogic Personalization Server Database Schema

Personalization Server JSP Tag Library Reference

Creating Portals and Portlets

All Topics


Creating a Portal Using the Example Portal

Using the Portal Administration Tool

Developing Portlets

Building a Custom Portal Step-by-Step

Advanced Portal Topics

Portal Management Database Schema

JSP Tag Library Reference

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 Deploying and Tuning E-Commerce Applications

Performance Tuning Guide

All Topics


High-Level Architecture Model

Load Testing Your Installation

Factors Affecting Performance

Estimating Baseline Capacity Requirements

Performance Tuning Tips

Deployment Guide

Part 1. Deploying the Server and Its Enterprise Application

All Topics

The Server Configuration

The Reference Domain

Deploying Your Enterprise Application

Starting and Shutting Down the Server

Part 2. Deploying the Data Repository

Setting Up Oracle for New Installations

Migrating Oracle Data Objects

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