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Getting Started

Introducing WebLogic Integration
WebLogic Integration Release Notes
Installing BEA Products
Supported Configurations for WebLogic Integration 9.2
Creating Domains Using the Configuration Wizard
WebLogic Domain Template Reference
Creating Templates Using the Domain Template Builder
Installing Maintenance Updates, Service Packs, and Maintenance Packs
Tips and Tricks


Tutorial: Upgrading 8.1 Application Source to 9.2
Tutorial: Building Your First Business Process
Tutorial: Building Your First Data Transformation
Tutorial: Building a Worklist Application
Tutorials for Trading Partner Integration

Upgrading WebLogic Integration

Tutorial:Upgrading 8.1 Application Source to 9.2
Upgrading WebLogic Integration—Provides information on upgrading applications based on WebLogic Integration 8.1 and 8.5 to 9.2.
Upgrading WebLogic Domains—Provides information about upgrading WebLogic Domains.

Administration and Configuration

Using the WebLogic Integration Administration Console
Managing WebLogic Integration Solutions

WebLogic Integration WorkList

Tutorial: Building a Worklist Application
Using Worklist
Using the Worlist Console
Worklist User Portal Help


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Designing and Creating Integration Applications

Guide to Building Business Processes
Guide to Data Transformation
RDBMS Event Generator User Guide
Using Integration Controls
Control and Event Generator User Guide for TIBCO Rendezvous®
XQuery Reference

Importing and Exporting BPEL Files

Guide to Importing a BPEL File
Guide to Exporting a BPEL File


Using Application Views and Adapters

Introducing Application Integration
Using the Application Integration Design Console– Define Application View services and events.

Trading Partner Management

Introducing Trading Partner Integration
Tutorials for Trading Partner Integration

Best Practices

Best Practices for WebLogic Integration Application Lifecycle

WebLogic Integration Solutions Best Practices FAQ
Oracle 9i Database Tuning Guide

Capacity Planning and Performance Tuning

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