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Performance Tuning Guide

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General Performance Tuning Guidelines

Understanding Performance Tuning and BEA WebLogic Portal

General Architecture

WebLogic Portal

Tuning Your WebLogic Server

Tuning Your JVM

Tuning Your Database

Tuning Your Operating System

Upgrading to the Latest Service Packs

Other Resources

Tuning Your Portal Domain

Tuning Your Domain Configuration

Removing Debugging Tools from Your Domain

Tuning for Users and Groups

Tuning Your Portal Application

Managing Caches

Using the Portal Administration Tool to Configure Cache Settings

Caching with JSP Tags

Disabling Unused Services

Tuning for Campaigns

Referencing Events

Avoiding Firing Extraneous Events

Using Goal Checking for Campaigns

Using Ads During Campaigns

Tuning for Entitlements

Using Role Caching When Using Entitlements

Tuning for Content Management

Tuning Your Portal Web Application

Optimizing Your Portal Control Tree

Modifying Your Portal Web Application Parameters

Modifying Portal Framework Settings

Modifying Web Application Settings

Modifying WebLogic Server Settings

Tuning Guidelines for WSRP

Enabling Caches for WSRP

Tuning the Server for WSRP

Caching Portlet Categories

Performance Tuning Checklists

Portal Framework Guidelines

Administration Portal Guidelines

Decreasing the Amount of Time It Takes to Create a Desktop

Increasing Performance When Browsing Portal Resources

Content Management Guidelines

WebLogic Portal Cache Settings

Portal Framework Caches

WSRP Caches

Content and Ad Caches

User Management Caches

Campaign and Discount Caches

Commerce Caches


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