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BEA WebLogic Portal 8.1 with Service Pack 6

BEA WebLogic Portal 8.1 provides enterprise portal infrastructure for streamlined portal development. This framework includes a rich, graphical, environment for developing portals as well as browser-based assembly tools for business experts. BEA WebLogic Portal simplifies the production and management of custom-fit portals, allowing you to leverage a shared services environment to roll out changes with minimal complexity and effort.

This web site contains documentation for all versions of WebLogic Portal 8.1 and is updated on an ongoing basis.

What's New in Service Pack 6
WebLogic Portal Release Notes
Upgrade to Service Pack 6
Installing WebLogic Platform

Watch a video tour
of Portal Lifecycle


Portal Overview
Getting Started with Portal Development
Getting Started with Portal Administration

Tutorials and Samples

Portal Development Tutorials (PDF)
Portal Administration Tutorials (PDF)
Portal Samples

PDF (current release) | SP2 Docs | SP3 Docs | SP4 Docs | SP5 Docs

Portal Development

Portal development involves creating all the resources and functionality for your application, then surfacing that application in a flexible, powerful user interface. Choose from the following topics to learn more about portal development.

Javadoc | JSP Tags

Getting Started with Portal Development

Simplifying Portal URLs
Designing Portals for Optimal Performance

Workshop Help Topics
Building Portal Applications
The WebLogic Workshop Development Environment
Developing Web Applications
Building Web Services
Developing Enterprise Java Beans

Portal Framework

Portal User Interface Framework Guide

White Papers
WebLogic Portal Framework

Workshop Help Topics
Developing Portal User Interfaces

WSRP Support

Using WSRP with WebLogic Portal
 > Introduction to WSRP
 > Establishing Interportlet Communications with Remote Portlets
 > Best Practices for Implementing WSRP
 > Implementing Custom Data Transfer
 > Establishing WSRP Security
 > Working with Producers

Workshop Help Topics
Implementing WSRP-Compliant Portlets
Building a Remote Portlet


Establishing Interportlet Communications

BEA WebLogic Portlets for Groupware Integration Documentation
WebLogic Portlets for Groupware Integration 2.5 documentation

Workshop Help Topics
Building Portlets
Using Portlets from the Portlet Library
Building a Remote Portlet

Interaction Management

Interaction Management Guide
 > Content Selectors
 > Placeholders
 > Campaigns
 > Events and Behavior Tracking
Using Rules in Portal Applications

White Papers
Content Personalization

Administration Portal Help Topics
Interaction Management in the Administration Portal


Workshop Help Topics
Working with Java Controls
Adding Portal Controls to Java Page Flows

Production Operations

Production Operations Guide


Preventing Direct Access to Portlet Resources

Workshop Help Topics
Securing Portal Applications
Using Multiple Authentication Providers in Portal Development
How WebLogic Portal Uses the WebLogic Server SSPI

Performance Tuning/Capacity Planning

Performance Tuning Guide
Capacity Planning Guide

Administration Portal Help Topics
Service Administration in the Administration Portal



Internationalization docs provide guidance on building portals that support multiple languages and multi-byte environments.

WebLogic Portal 8.1: Use with Multibyte Environment



WebLogic Portal Javadoc

Workshop Help Topics
WebLogic Portal Reference
Portal JSP Tags
Properties for Portal Components

Portal Administration

Portal administration involves: assembling portals, creating desktops; managing content, business logic, users, search capabilities, and databases; rebranding the WebLogic Administration Portal; and maintaining the overall portal environment. Choose from the following topics to learn more about portal administration.

Getting Started with Portal Administration
Rebranding the Administration Portal

Administration Portal Help Topics
WebLogic Administration Portal Online Help
Administering Portals with the WebLogic Administration Portal

Portal Management

Portal Management Guide

Administration Portal Help Topics
Portal Management in the Administration Portal
Overview of Portal Management
Overview of Library Administration

Content Management

Content Management Guide
BulkLoader Guide
Repository Guide

White Papers
Integrating Content Into the BEA Virtual Content Repository

Administration Portal Help Topics
Managing Content in the Administration Portal

User Management

User Management Guide
 > Anonymous Users
 > Unified User Profiles

Administration Portal Help Topics
Users and Groups
Delegated Administration
Visitor Entitlements

Search Management

Administration Portal Help Topics
Search Management in the Administration Portal


Security Guide

Administration Portal Help Topics
Using Multiple Authentication Providers with WebLogic Portal

Database Administration

Database Administration Guide

PointBase Product Documentation

Visitor Tools

Visitor Tools Guide


WebLogic Portal Add-On Products

Complementary BEA products are pre-integrated to WebLogic Portal and are available separately from BEA.

BEA WebLogic Mobility Server

CollabraSuite, BEA Edition

Web Clipping
QuickClip Portlet, BEA WebLogic Edition
Kapow Enterprise WebClipper, BEA Edition

WebLogic Portlets for SAP Documentation

WebLogic Portlets for Siebel Documentation

Portal Solutions Catalog

Archived Compoze Documentation
All documentation for past Compoze releases


Accessibility docs describe the product features that support users with disabilities.

Accessibility Notes for BEA WebLogic Workshop
Accessibility Notes for the WebLogic Administration Portal



Other Sources of Information

AskBEA | Customer Support | dev2dev Online | Newsgroups


 WebLogic Platform 8.1 Online Documentation

  WebLogic Platform 8.1 includes: WebLogic Server, WebLogic Workshop, WebLogic Portal, WebLogic Integration, WebLogic JRockit