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WebLogic Server Command Reference

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Displays MBean properties (attributes) and JMX object names (in the WebLogicObjectName format).

The output of the command is as follows:

{MBeanName object-name {property1 value} {property2 value}. . .} 
. . .

Note that the properties and values are expressed as name-value pairs, each of which is returned within curly brackets. This format facilitates parsing of the output by a script.

If -pretty is specified, each property-value pair is displayed on a new line and curly brackets are not used to separate the pairs:

MBeanName: object-name
: value
: value
: value
: value


java [ SSL Arguments ] weblogic.Admin 
[ {-url URL} |
[ User Credentials Arguments ]
GET [-pretty] {-type mbeanType|-mbean objectName}
[-property property1] [-property property2]...



{-url [protocol://]listen-address:listen-port}


{-adminurl [protocol://]Admin-Server-listen-address:listen-port}

To retrieve Administration MBeans, use -url to specify the Administration Server's listen address and listen port.

To retrieve Runtime MBeans or Local Configuration MBeans, use one of the following:

  • -url to specify the listen address and listen port of the server instance on which you want to retrieve MBeans.

  • -adminurl to retrieve instances of a Runtime or Local Configuration MBean type from all server instances in the domain.

For more information, refer to the -url and -adminurl entries in Table 1-3 on page 11 and Protocol Support.

-type mbeanType

Returns information for all MBeans of the specified type. For more information, refer to Specifying MBean Types.

-mbean objectName

Fully qualified object name of an MBean in the WebLogicObjectName format:

For more information, refer to the Javadoc for WebLogicObjectName.


Places property-value pairs on separate lines.

-property property

The name of the MBean property (attribute) or properties to be listed.

Note: If property is not specified using this argument, all properties are displayed.



The following example displays all properties of the JDBCConnectionPool Administration MBean for a connection pool named MedRecPool. Note that the command must connect to the Administration Server to retrieve information from an Administration MBean:

java weblogic.Admin -url AdminHost:7001 -username weblogic 
-password weblogic GET -pretty -mbean

For more information about the environment in which this example runs, refer to Example Environment.

If the command succeeds, it returns output similar to the following truncated example:

MBeanName: "MedRec:Name=MedRecPool,Type=JDBCConnectionPool"
CachingDisabled: true
CapacityIncrement: 1
ConnLeakProfilingEnabled: false
ConnectionCreationRetryFrequencySeconds: 0
ConnectionReserveTimeoutSeconds: 10

The following example displays all instances of all JDBCConnectionPoolRuntime MBeans for all servers in the domain.

java weblogic.Admin -adminurl AdminHost:7001 -username weblogic 
-password weblogic GET -pretty -type JDBCConnectionPoolRuntime

The following example displays all instances of all JDBCConnectionPoolRuntime MBeans that have been deployed on the server instance that listens on ManagedHost:8001:

java weblogic.Admin -url ManagedHost:8001 -username weblogic 
-password weblogic GET -pretty -type JDBCConnectionPoolRuntime


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