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WebLogic Server Command Reference

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Tests whether a connection pool with a specified name exists in the WebLogic Server domain. You can use this method to determine whether a dynamic connection pool has already been created or to ensure that you select a unique name for a dynamic connection pool you want to create.


java [ SSL Arguments ] weblogic.Admin 
[-url URL]
[ User Credentials Arguments ]
EXISTS_POOL -poolName connection_pool_name



-url [protocol://]listen-address:listen-port

Specify the listen address and listen port of the Administration Server.

If you specify a secure listen port, you must also specify a secure protocol.

If you do not specify a value, the command assumes t3://localhost:7001.

For more information, refer to the -url entry in Table 1-3 on page 11 and Protocol Support.


Name of connection pool.



The following command determines wether or not a pool with a specific name exists:

java weblogic.Admin -url AdminHost:7001 -username weblogic
-password weblogic EXISTS_POOL -poolName demoPool


Commands for Managing WebLogic Server MBeans

The following sections describe weblogic.Admin commands for managing WebLogic Server MBeans.

Specifying MBean Types

To specify which MBean or MBeans you want to access, view, or modify, all of the MBean management commands require either the -mbean argument or the -type argument.

Use the -mbean argument to operate on a single instance of an MBean.

Use the -type argument to operate on all MBeans that are an instance of a type that you specify. An MBean's type refers to the interface class of which the MBean is an instance. All WebLogic Server MBeans are an instance of one of the interface classes defined in the or packages. For configuration MBeans, type also refers to whether an instance is an Administration MBean or a Local Configuration MBean. For a complete list of all WebLogic Server MBean interface classes, refer to the WebLogic Server Javadoc for the or packages.

To determine the value that you provide for the -type argument, do the following:

  1. Find the MBean's interface class and remove the MBean suffix from the class name. For an MBean that is an instance of the, use JDBCConnectionPoolRuntime.
  2. For a Local Configuration MBean, append Config to the name. For example, for a Local Configuration MBean that is an instance of the interface class, use JDBCConnectionPoolConfig. For the corresponding Administration MBean instance, use JDBCConnectionPool.

MBean Management Commands

Table 1-7 is an overview of the MBean management commands.

Table 1-7 MBean Management Command Overview 




Creates an Administration MBean instance. This command cannot be used for Runtime MBeans and we recommend that you do not use it to create Local Configuration MBeans.



Deletes an MBean instance.



Displays properties of MBeans.

See GET.


Invokes management operations that an MBean exposes for its underlying resource.



Searches for MBeans whose WebLogicObjectName matches a pattern that you specify.



Sets the specified property values for the named MBean instance. This command cannot be used for Runtime MBeans.

See SET.



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