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WebLogic Server Command Reference

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Invokes a management operation for one or more MBeans. For WebLogic Server MBeans, you usually use this command to invoke operations other than the getAttribute and setAttribute that most WebLogic Server MBeans provide.


java [ SSL Arguments ] weblogic.Admin 
[ {-url URL} |
[ User Credentials Arguments ]
INVOKE {-type mbeanType|-mbean objectName} -method
methodname [argument . . .]



{-url [protocol://]listen-address:listen-port}


{-adminurl [protocol://]Admin-Server-listen-address:listen-port}

To invoke operations for Administration MBeans, use -url to specify the Administration Server's listen address and listen port.

To invoke operations for Runtime MBeans, use one of the following:

  • -url to specify the listen address and listen port of the server instance on which you want to invoke Runtime MBean operations.

  • -adminurl to invoke operations for all instances of a Runtime MBean on all server instances in the domain.

We recommend that you do not invoke operations for Local Configuration MBeans. Instead, invoke the operation on the corresponding Administration MBean.

-type mbeanType

Invokes the operation on all MBeans of a specific type. For more information, refer to Specifying MBean Types.

-mbean objectName

Fully qualified object name of an MBean, in the WebLogicObjectName format:

For more information refer to the Javadoc for WebLogicObjectName.

-method methodname

Name of the method to be invoked.


Arguments to be passed to the method call.

When the argument is a String array, the arguments must be passed in the following format:

"String1;String2;. . . "



The following example enables a JDBC connection pool by invoking the enable method of the JDBCConnectionPoolRuntime MBean:

java weblogic.Admin -url AdminHost:7001 -username weblogic 
-password weblogic INVOKE
-mbean MedRec:Location=MedRecServer,Name=myPool,
-method enable

If the command succeeds, it returns the following:


For more information about the environment in which this example runs, refer to Example Environment.

The following example enables all JDBC connection pools in the domain by invoking the enable method of all the JDBCConnectionPoolRuntime MBeans:

java weblogic.Admin -adminurl AdminHost:7001 -username weblogic 
-password weblogic INVOKE
-type JDBCConnectionPoolRuntime -method enable


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