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Interface Summary
CallbackRolesAllowed Specifies the list of roles permitted to access callback method(s) in an application.
RolesAllowed Specifies the list of roles permitted to access method(s) in an application.
RolesReferenced Specifies a list of roles referenced by the Web Service.
RunAs Defines the identity the Web Service assumes during execution.
SecurityIdentity Deprecated.  
SecurityRole The security-role element contains the definition of a security role.
SecurityRoleRef Each security-role-ref element links a privilege name embedded in the application as a roleName to a security role.
SecurityRoles Deprecated.  
UserDataConstraint Define user-data-constraint element in web.xml.
WssConfiguration Defines the configuration mbean of this webservice

Class Summary
UserDataConstraint.Transport Transport-Guarantee element "NONE" -- The application does not require any transport guarantees "INTEGRAL" -- The application requires that the data be sent between the client and server in such a way that it cannot be changed in transit.

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