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Class ProviderImpl

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Direct Known Subclasses:
AdjudicatorImpl, AuditorImpl, AuthenticationProviderImpl, AuthorizerImpl, CertPathProviderImpl, CredentialMapperImpl, KeyStoreImpl, RoleMapperImpl

public class ProviderImpl
extends BaseMBeanImpl

The base class of all security provider MBean implementations. It gives the provider's MBean implementation access to its configuration attributes.

Every security provider must implement an MBean. The MBean implementation includes an XML file describing the MBean (for example, Foo.xml) and an MBean implementation class (for example,

The XML file must extend the base MBean appropriate for the type of provider (for example, an Authorization provider would extend The implementation file must extend the corresponding base MBean implementation class (for example,

The XML file may contain configuration attributes and management methods that the MBean supports. The file must implement any methods defined in the XML file (directly or by inheritance). Since COMMO generates the attribute implementations, the provider's file should not contain attribute implementations.

If a provider supports any management methods, the provider's implementation must be prepared to be called (or throw a suitable exception) at any time. The provider cannot rely on the rest of the realm, or even this provider's attributes, being completely configured before management methods are called. It is also a provider's responsibility to set appropriate default attribute values.

It is acceptable for the provider's management method implementations to throw exceptions if the provider's attributes need to be configured before management methods are invoked.

Constructor Summary
  ProviderImpl(ModelMBean base)
protected ProviderImpl(RequiredModelMBean base)
Method Summary
 RealmMBean getRealm()
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Constructor Detail


public ProviderImpl(ModelMBean base)
             throws MBeanException


protected ProviderImpl(RequiredModelMBean base)
                throws MBeanException
Method Detail


public RealmMBean getRealm()

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