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Packages that use ApplicationToMonitorInterface Provides useful WTC GWT Domain utilities. Provides JATMI primitives used to begin and end transactions, allocate and free buffers, and provide the communication between clients and servers. 

Uses of ApplicationToMonitorInterface in

Classes in that implement ApplicationToMonitorInterface
 class TuxedoConnection
          These are the methods that clients call in order to get access to remote domains.

Uses of ApplicationToMonitorInterface in

Methods in with parameters of type ApplicationToMonitorInterface
 void TpacallAsyncReply.failure(ApplicationToMonitorInterface atmi, CallDescriptor cd, TPException failureReply)
          Called if the service returned with a failure code.
 void TpacallAsyncReply.success(ApplicationToMonitorInterface atmi, CallDescriptor cd, Reply successReply)
          Called if the service returned successfully.

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