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Class mkfldclass

  extended by

public final class mkfldclass
extends Object

This class is a utility function that reads a FML Field Table and produces a java file which implements the FldTbl interface. This java file should be compiled into a class which can then be used to add, retrieve and delete fielded entries from an FML field. This utility is analogous to the mkfldhdr(1) utility in the Tuxedo reference manual. The command prototype is

mkfldclass [package-name] fml-field-table

See Also:
FldTbl, FML

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
static void main(String[] args)
          The starting point of this utility.
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Constructor Detail


public mkfldclass()
Method Detail


public static void main(String[] args)
The starting point of this utility. The utility has the following prototype:

mkfldclass [package-name] fml-field-table

where package-name is the name of the package in which this class should reside and fml-field-tbl is the field table to be processed.

args - At this time the only argument this utility takes is the name of the field table to process

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