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Synchronizing Household Information with External Applications

The Application Services Interface (ASI) feature allows you to synchronize the household data between a Siebel application and an external application in real time. This feature enables you to maintain consistent household information across your enterprise, and to eliminate manual entry of data in multiple applications.

If your Siebel administrator has set up real-time household integration between a Siebel application and another application, you can use the Update External System command to send new and modified household information from the Siebel application to the other application in real time. For more information about ASI, see Siebel Application Services Interface Reference and Integration Using ASIs.

This task is a step in Process of Managing Households.

To synchronize household information with an external application

  1. Navigate to Households, then the Household List.
  2. In the Household list, select a household record.

    To create a new household record, see Adding a Household Record.

  3. In the Household list, click the menu button, and then choose Update External System.
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