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Process of Managing Target Account Selling

Siebel Target Account Selling (TAS) consists of eight views that automate the steps in the TAS methodology. The TAS Initial Plan report and the TAS Opportunity Plan report can be generated from the TAS module.

The TAS Opportunity Plan template is available with Siebel Proposal Generator (a separately licensed module), which automatically creates the Opportunity Plan using Microsoft Word. The tasks associated with the Target Account Selling views describe how to use the Target Account Selling module.

To manage Target Account Selling, perform the following tasks:

  1. Completing a TAS Overview
  2. Assessing an Opportunity
  3. Developing Strategy with TAS Competitive Analysis
  4. Conducting a TAS Organizational Analysis
  5. Mapping the Organization's Reporting Structure
  6. Developing a Relationship Strategy
  7. Adding Customer Milestones
  8. Viewing PRIME Activities
  9. Adding Notes to Opportunities

While you are in a view, click Reports to see a list of the available preconfigured reports for the data in that view. From the list you can access individual reports. For more information about reports, see Siebel Reports Guide.

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