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Siebel Customer Order Management

Table 2 lists the demo users for Siebel Customer Order Management.

Table 2. Demo Users for Siebel Customer Order Management
Username and Password
Name / Title
Primary Responsibility


Jamie Adams / VP of Information Technology

Siebel Customer Order Management

Web Corporate User

Adams uses Siebel Advisor to get guidance and advice online, Siebel eCatalog to navigate through product offerings, Siebel Configurator and Pricer to configure and price orders, and Siebel eSales to check out online sales information.


Mike Carlson / VP of Sales

Siebel Customer Order Management

Web Purchasing Manager

Carlson works at Marriott International, a customer of Oracle. He uses the Siebel online self-service products to answer questions, find solutions to his problems, and gather information about Siebel products Marriott has bought or is considering buying.

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