Siebel Demo Users Reference

What's New in This Release

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Demo Users for Siebel Business Applications

Siebel Call Center

Siebel Customer Order Management

Siebel ERM

Siebel Field Service

Siebel Marketing

Siebel PRM

Siebel Sales

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Demo Users for Siebel Industry Applications

Siebel Automotive

Siebel Communications, Media & Energy: Energy

Siebel Communications, Media & Energy: Media

Siebel Communications, Media & Energy: Wireless

Siebel Communications, Media & Energy: Wireline

Siebel Consumer Sector: Consumer Goods

Siebel Financial Services: Healthcare

Siebel Financial Services: Institutional Finance

Siebel Financial Services: Insurance

Siebel Financial Services: Retail Finance

Siebel High Technology/Industrial Manufacturing

Siebel Hospitality

Siebel Life Sciences: Clinical

Siebel Life Sciences: Medical

Siebel Life Sciences: Pharma

Siebel Loyalty

Siebel Public Sector

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