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Siebel Sales

Table 7 lists the demo users for Siebel Sales.

Table 7. Demo Users for Siebel Sales
Username and Password
Name / Title
Primary Responsibility


Madison Stern / Regional Manager

Siebel Sales

Sales Manager

Stern uses Siebel Sales to manage all personal and team Sales and Forecasting information. Also uses the Sales Handheld application.


Nancy Sachs / VP Sales, North America

Siebel Sales

Multi-Organizational Manager

Sachs uses Siebel Sales to manage personal, team, and organizational Sales and forecasting information. She also performs analysis on revenue pipelines and forecast.


Terry Smythe / District Manager

Siebel Sales

Field Sales Representative

Smythe uses Siebel Sales to manage all personal Sales and Forecast information. Also utilizes the Siebel Mobile and Sales HandHeld applications.


Jamie Katz / Field Sales Representative

Sales Handheld (HOR)

Route Sales - HH CE

Sales representative using the Sales Handheld application.

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