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Setting the ISO System Preferences

You must configure the System Preferences shown in Table 3 using the Administration - Application screen. The values are available as seed data, but you must make sure that the ISO Connection Info, ISO CustLogInId, and ISO Pswd system preferences have the appropriate values assigned for the insurance provider.

Table 3. ISO System Preferences
System Preference Name
System Preference Value

ISO ClientAppName

Client Application Name. The is XML_TEST for ISO ClaimSearch US customers.

ISO ClientAppVersion

Client Application Version. The value is 1.0 for ISO ClaimSearch U.S. customers.

ISO Connection Info

ISO Application URL.

ISO CustLogInId

Customer Login ID. The ISO assigns a unique user ID to each customer.

ISO Pswd

Clear text Password. The ISO assigns the password.

For more information about setting system preferences, see the chapter that discusses ongoing

administrative tasks in Siebel Applications Administration Guide.

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