Siebel Insurance Guide

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Overview of Siebel Insurance

About Siebel Insurance

Siebel Insurance Functionality and Modules

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Getting Started with Siebel Insurance

About Applications Administration Tasks

Renaming Siebel Account Objects

Configuring Lists of Values

Configuring Summary Views

Adding Products and Product Lines

About Command Center

Command Center Configuration and Administration

Process of Configuring the Command Center Action Form

Defining the Command Center Business Object

Defining the Command Center Actions

Selecting the Command Center Responsibilities

Example of Configuring the Command Center Action Applet

Creating Global Commands for the Command Line Applet

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Managing Companies

About Managing Companies

About Company Hierarchies

Scenario for Managing Company Information

Process of Managing Companies

Administrator Procedures

End-User Procedures

Setting Up Values for Companies

Deleting Company Information

Managing Competitor Information

Verifying Coverage Team Members

Managing the Custom-Defined Relationship Types LOV

Generating Company Hierarchies for Data Aggregation

Default Company Hierarchies

Dynamic Company Hierarchies

Adding Companies and Investors (End User)

Viewing Company Hierarchies in Roll-Up Views (End User)

Creating Company Assessments (End User)

Adding Company Applications (End User)

Adding Company Service Requests (End User)

Managing Company Coverage Teams (End User)

Viewing Company Summaries (End User)

Viewing Company Relationship Hierarchies (End User)

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Managing Contacts

About Managing Contacts

Scenario for Adding a New Contact

Process of Managing Contacts (End User)

Managing Contact Information (End User)

Adding Contacts

Creating Categories for Contact Information

Creating Notes About Contacts

Managing Contact Referral Information

Creating Customer Assessments (End User)

Setting the Customer Value Icon (End User)

Viewing a Contact Summary (End User)

Viewing Contact Relationship Hierarchies (End User)

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Managing Households

About Managing Households

Scenario for Managing Households

Process of Managing Households

Adding Households

Setting the Household Privacy Option

Associating Contacts with Households

Viewing Household Summaries

Using the Household Relationship Hierarchy

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Managing Call Reports

About Managing Call Reports

Scenario for Managing Call Reports

Process of Managing Call Reports

Administrator Procedures

End-User Procedures

Viewing Call Report Charts

Activating the New Call Report Workflow

Managing Call Report Templates

Adding Call Reports (End User)

Creating Call Report Distribution Lists (End User)

Associating Action Items, Notes, and Attachments with Call Reports (End User)

Setting the Call Report Privacy Flag (End User)

Emailing and Printing Call Reports (End User)

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Managing Group Pensions

About Managing Group Pensions

Scenario for Creating a Company 401(k) Plan

Group Pension Sample Tasks

Process of Managing Group Pension Plans

Administrator Procedures

End-User Procedures

Defining Group Pension Products

Defining Group Pension Plans

Administering Group Pension Plans (End User)

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Managing Auto Policies

About Managing Auto Policies

Scenario for Managing Auto Policies

Process of Managing Auto Policies

Administrator Procedures

End-User Procedures

Adding Auto Coverages and Coverage Values

Providing Quotes

Adding Discounts

Adding Vehicles or Drivers to Policies

Setting Up Payment Plans

Adding Underwriting Information

Ordering Underwriting Reports

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Managing Claims

About Managing Claims

Insurance Claims Terminology

Scenario for Opening and Managing a Claim for Property Loss

Scenario for Opening and Managing a Claim for Auto Damage

Process of Managing Claims

Administrator Procedures for Managing Claims

End-User Procedures for Managing Claims

About Siebel Insurance eService Claims Center Locators

Setting up Siebel Insurance eService Claims Center Locators

Activating the Workflow Processes

Administering Reserve Codes

Administering Loss Codes

Administering Adjusters' Financial Limits

Administering the Employee Hierarchy

Example of Setting up the Employee Hierarchy

Integrating with the Insurance Services Office (ISO)

Setting the ISO System Preferences

Checking the ISO Run-Time Event

Checking the Validation Rules

Creating the Named Subsystem for the ISO Search Response

Configuring the ISO Assigned Company ID

Integrating with the Office of Foreign Assets Control

Checking the Policy Validity and Coverage (End User)

Creating First Notices of Loss (End User)

Recording Details of Involved Parties (End User)

Recording Insured and Adverse Claimant Property Details (End User)

Managing Claims Events (End User)

Assigning a Claim to an Adjuster (End User)

Checking a Claim Against the ISO Database (End User)

Creating an Activity Plan (End User)

Assigning a Claim Element (End User)

Assigning Claims to a Specialist Unit (End User)

Adding an Appraisal (End User)

Attaching Claims Documentation (End User)

Tracking Police and Fire Reports (End User)

About Coverages and Reserves

Creating a Reserve (End User)

About Managing Reserves

Managing Reserves (End User)

Tracking Demands for Payment (End User)

Creating an Invoice Record (End User)

Generating a Payment Record (End User)

Tracking Payments Related to Invoices (End User)

About Issuing a Settlement Payment (End User)

Issuing a Settlement Payment (End User)

Making a Bulk Payment (End User)

Viewing the Invoices and Claims for a Payment (End User)

Managing Recovery Information (End User)

Using the Common Task Links

Creating a Recovery Payment Record (End User)

Managing Fraud Information (End User)

Using the Common Task Links

About the Business Rules Processor and Claims Logic

Claims Workflows

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Managing Life and Annuity Policies

About Managing Life and Annuity Policies

Scenario for Life and Annuity Policies

Process of Managing Life and Annuity Policies

Administrator Procedures

End-User Procedures

Defining Life or Annuity Insurance Products

Defining Life or Annuity Insurance Coverages

Administering Assessment Templates

Providing Life and Annuities Quotes

Ordering Underwriting Reports

Adding a Beneficiary

Submitting Transaction Requests

Viewing Value History Information

Setting Up Payment Plans

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Managing Group Policies

About Group Policies

Scenario for Group Policies

Process of Managing Group Policies

Administrator Procedures

End-User Procedures

Adding Group Insurance Products and Product Lines

Adding Group Insurance Rate Bands

Defining Activity Plan Templates for Group Policies

Defining Proposal Templates for Group Policies

Adding Group Policy Records

Importing Census Information

Adding Census Information in the Group Policies Screen

Adding Employee Classes for Group Policies

Designing Plans for Group Policies

How Enrollment Waiting Periods Affect the Start of Coverage

Reconfiguring Customizable Products in Plan Design

Generating Proposals for Group Policies

Managing Underwriting Information

Adding Eligible Members to Group Policies

Enrolling Members in Group Policies

Adding Beneficiaries to Group Policies

Setting Up Payment Plans for Group Policies

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Managing Partners and Agencies

About Partners and Agencies

Scenario for Working with Partners and Agencies (Users)

Process of Managing Partners and Agencies (Users)

Adding New Partners

Setting Up Siebel Insurance eService Partners Locators

Adding Agents

Adding Information Associated with an Agent

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Managing Property Policies

About Property Policies

Scenario for Property Policies

Process of Managing Property Policies

Administrator Procedures

End-User Procedures

Adding Property Types

Adding Property Coverages and Coverage Limits

Providing Quotes

Adding Underwriting Information

Querying for Property Underwriting Information

Ordering Underwriting Reports

Adding Scheduled Personal Property

Setting Up Payment Plans

Additional Property Policies Views

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Managing PUL Policies

About PUL Policies

Scenario for PUL Policies

Providing PUL Policy Quotes

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Managing Billing Accounts

About Billing Accounts

Scenario for Billing Accounts

Process of Managing Billing Accounts

End-User Procedures

Creating Billing Account Records

Associating Billing Accounts with Other Records

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Siebel Integration Messages

About the Siebel Financial Services Business Platform

Siebel Insurance Integration Messages

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Business Services for Siebel Financial Services

About Siebel Business Services

About Siebel Financial Services Business Services

Disclosure Manager

VBC Cache and Instance Manager

Caching VBC Overview


Stages of the Caching VBC Process

Caching VBC Configuration

Purging the VBC Cache

Free Format Converter

Data Validation Manager

Business Rule Processor

Process of Defining Business Rule Processes

Creating and Managing Business Rule Processes

Defining Properties for a Business Rule Process

About Business Rule Process Property Types

Defining Procedures for a Business Rule Process

Fine-Tuning the Assignment Statement

Handling Business Rules Processor Errors

Throwing Errors Within a Business Rules Process

Recovering from Errors Within a Business Rules Process

Using BRP Helper Business Services

FINS CAP Buscomp Data Loader Business Service

FINS CAP Buscomp Handler Business Service

Invoking the Business Rule Processor

Using eScript to Invoke the Business Rule Processor

Logging Business Rules Processor Debug Messages

Requirements Manager

About Requirements Manager

Administering Requirements Manager

Creating Record Templates

Creating Requirement Templates

Using Requirements Manager

Creating Record Group Templates

Example of Using Requirements Manager for Record Group Templates

Customer Authentication Manager

Creating Customer Authentication Templates

Defining Customer Authentication Rules

Invoking Customer Authentication Manager

Using the Calculation Manager

Specifying Calculation Rules

Example of Using Embedded eScript for Mortgage Calculation

Invoking Siebel Calculation Manager

Using the Customer Expectations Manager

Defining Customer Expectation Manager Rules

Invoking Customer Expectations Manager

Automating Approval Processing

Defining Approval Items and Approval Stages

Invoking FINS Approval UI Service from a Workflow

Approving or Declining Approval Stages (End User)

Automating the Display of Disclosure Documents

Setting Up Disclosures

About Disclosure Workflows

Activating Workflows

Invoking the Disclosure UI Service Business Service

Viewing Disclosures Associated with Contacts (End User)

SmartScript Integration with Workflow

Example of Integrating SmartScript with Workflow

FINS Web Shopping Service Methods

FINS SmartScript Output Service Methods

Dynamic UI Business Service

Example of Creating a Dynamic Applet with the Dynamic UI Business Service

Displaying Dynamic Applets in a Workflow

Creating a View Template for Dynamic Applets

FINS Application View Navigation

Business Service Methods

Business Service Behaviors

Business Service Administration

Example of FINS Application View Navigation

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