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About the Marketing Response Integration Object

The Marketing Response integration object provides field mappings to typical response-related information from external data sources. The response integration object defines the information that is exchanged between the external data source and Siebel Marketing, using EAI technology.

Table 17 describes the integration components for the Response integration object.

Table 17. Marketing Response Integration Component Description


Defines all the primary attributes of the response.

User Keys:

  • Mod Key (Modification Key)
  • Id
  • Description

Related Organization

Defines the attributes of products associated with the response.

User Key: Mod Key (Modification Key)

Response Log

Defines survey-related attributes for the response.

User Key: Question Text, Answer Text

NOTE:  During response creation, the user keys in each integration component determine if a record already exists in the component (for the given values) and if the record is unique.

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