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access groups, Marketing   1

activity plans, creating   1

activity templates, creating   1

administrator alerts, setting up   1

approval process

Action value, adding   1

Approval Status value, adding   1

mapping Approval Status value to Action value   1

automatic responses, for opportunities and orders   1

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bounce codes   1

Bounce Handler daemon (BHD)

configuring   1

configuring bounce classification   1

installing   1 ,  2

testing, verifying   1

Business Intelligence Presentation server

connecting to Siebel server   1

user ID and password   1

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campaign history table

campaign load table update rules (table)   1

contents of   1

campaign load formats

creating   1

integration objects   1

options   1

campaign load mappings

about   1

campaign load table update rules (table)   1

Contact Key components, sample mappings (table)   1

mapping rules for Marketing Contact integration components   1

mapping rules for Marketing Person integration components   1

mapping rules for Marketing prospect integration components   1

Marketing integration objects, about and diagram   1

Marketing Person integration component description (table)   1

Marketing Person integration object, about   1

Siebel contact and campaign history tables, about and list of tables   1

Campaign Load workflow process, configuring   1

campaign load, testing   1

campaigns, upgrading   1

character sets, Email Marketing server   1

CKEditor file manager, configuring   1

Click Through daemon (CTD)

configuring   1 ,  2

configuring HTTP server port   1

installing   1

testing, verifying   1

component configuration

Email Marketing server   1

testing   1

component groups

enabling   1

group status, determining   1

synchronizing   1

configuration, Marketing approval process   1

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deployment, global   1

distribution method, vendor task   1

distribution profiles

vendor task, described   1

vendors, defining for   1

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email address header, configuring   1

email addresses, configuring the status of   1

email jobs

monitoring   1

prioritization workflow   1

prioritizing   1

Email Marketing

architecture, graphic   1

Bounce Handler daemon, about   1

character sets   1

Click Through Daemon, about   1

configuring email address header   1

configuring for HTTPS communications   1

email delivery, example of   1

Email Sending daemon, about   1

Email Sending daemon, graphic   1

final test   1

frequently used terms   1

installation issues   1

installing and configuring, about   1

installing, about   1

installing, requirements for   1

Java Development Kit, installing   1

log files   1

testing with Siebel Marketing   1

verifying component configuration   1

Email Marketing daemons, configuring   1

Email Marketing, administering

configuring logging   1

disabling SMTP command pipelining   1

prioritizing jobs   1

setting ESD throughput rate   1

setting up administrator alerts   1

tasks   1

using the Jobs console   1

Email Sending daemon (ESD)

accessing Marketing File System   1

configuring   1

configuring connection   1

failover   1

installing   1

outbound mail transfer agent   1

setting a maximum throughput rate   1

testing, verifying   1

email templates, implementing spam scoring   1

email treatments, editing   1

entity relationships   1

events base URL, configuring   1

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field names for marketing integration components   1

file sharing in mixed environments   1

frames, implementing Web Marketing without frames   1

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global deployment

about   1

Web Marketing   1

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host URL, Marketing module   1

HTML frames, implementing Web Marketing without frames   1

HTTP server port, configuring   1

HTTPS communications, Email Marketing components   1

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integration components, mapping rules (Marketing Contact)   1

integration Ids   1

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Jobs console

accessing   1

using   1

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lead load format   1

links, testing   1

load balancing   1

log files

configuring logging   1

Email Marketing   1

logical entity relationships   1

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Marketing access groups

about   1

assigning users to   1

creating new   1

modifying privileges   1

Marketing activity plans, creating   1

Marketing activity templates, creating   1

Marketing administrators access groups, user's position, about adding to   1

Marketing approval process, configuring   1

marketing connection settings, updating   1

Marketing Contact integration object

about   1

mapping rules   1

User Key fields, about   1

Marketing File System

configuring the Email Sending daemon   1

setting up   1

marketing integration components, field names   1

Marketing integration objects

about and diagram   1

Contact Key components, sample mappings (table)   1

Marketing Lead object   1

Marketing Person integration component description (table)   1

Marketing integration objects, used for campaign loading   1

Marketing module

testing in integrated environment   1

URLs for   1

Marketing Person integration object

about   1

component description (table)   1

integration components (table)   1

mapping rules   1

mapping scenarios   1

note, about ID required to confirm person in db   1

Marketing Prospect integration objects

about   1

mapping rules   1

Marketing regions, creating   1

Marketing responsibilities   1

Marketing server components

component group status, determining   1

component groups, enabling   1

component groups, synchronizing   1

Marketing system tasks, monitoring   1

Marketing workflow process

creating manager component   1

isolating   1

mixed environments, file sharing   1

monitoring system tasks   1

multilingual deployment, Web Marketing   1

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offers, deleting   1

opportunities, enabling automatic responses   1

orders, enabling automatic responses   1

outbound mail transfer agent   1

output file layouts, working with vendor task, about   1

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password, Business Intelligence Presentation server   1

permissions   1

personalization, using with Web Marketing   1

phone offers, deleting   1

privileges for Marketing access groups   1

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regions, creating   1

relationships, logical entity   1

responses management, about   1

responses, automatic   1


Marketing   1

setting up for Web Marketing   1

restarting Siebel Server using Microsoft Windows   1

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Segment Designer page, testing links to   1

Siebel contact table

about and list of tables   1

campaign load table update rule (table)   1

Siebel Marketing

about installing   1

administering   1

component groups and components, setting up   1

installing   1 ,  2

starting Siebel Server   1

using with Siebel Open UI   1

workflow processes, activating   1

Siebel Marketing, initializing

component groups, enabling   1

component groups, synchronizing   1

opportunities and orders, enabling automatic response   1

Siebel Open UI, using   1

Siebel Personalization, using with Web Marketing   1

Siebel Server

connecting to Business Intelligence Presentation server   1

restarting using Microsoft Windows   1

Siebel Web Engine, about   1

SMTP command pipelining, disabling   1

SMTP configuration   1

SOAP communications port, configuring   1

Source Code Formats list

about   1

reordering list   1

source code formats, creating

about source codes   1

creating source code formats   1

source code format components, defining   1

Source Code Formats list, viewing available formats   1

ways to use, about   1

spam scoring, implementing   1

SpamAssassin, integrating with Email Marketing   1

symbolic URL

Marketing module   1

testing   1

synchronizing component groups   1

system data expressions, enabling   1

system tasks, monitoring   1

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Bounce Handler daemon   1

campaign load   1

Click Through Daemon   1

creating email template   1

email contacts   1

Email Sending daemon   1

email sending to test contacts   1

Marketing module   1

navigation links   1

symbolic URL   1

Web Services integration   1

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Universal Time   1

updating marketing connection settings   1


base URL, configuring   1

host and symbolic URL for Marketing module   1

user ID, Business Intelligence Presentation server   1

user interface, customizing

about   1

full-text search, about   1

response management, about   1

Web Marketing without frames, implementing   1

Web templates, using   1

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vendor profiles, setting up

creating   1

defining vendors and assigning list distribution method   1

distribution profiles, defining for vendors   1

multiple list formats, handling   1

vendor tasks, list of   1

vendors defined   1


defined   1

multiple list formats, handling   1

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Web Anonymous User responsibility, about   1

Web Corporate User responsibility, about   1

Web Marketing, configuring   1

Web Marketing, setting up and using

about   1

home page, accessing by visitors   1

installing, applications to install before Web Marketing   1

responsibilities and users, setting up default   1

Siebel Personalization, using with Web Marketing   1

user access, tasks to control user access   1

user interface, customizing   1

Web site visitor, about   1

Web offers, deleting   1

Web Registered User responsibility, about   1

Web Services integration, testing   1

Web site

user access, tasks to control user access   1

visitor, about   1

Web Marketing home page, accessing by visitors   1

Web Survey daemon   1

Web templates, using to customize the user interface   1

Windows, restarting Siebel Server   1

workflow process

activating   1

isolating   1

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