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Sorting According to the View Mode That the Business Component Uses

The ViewMode Sort: mode_num user property specifies a sort specification on a business component that is in view mode. The value for this user property must use the following format:

field name1, field nameN


  • field name identifies the name of a business component field.

The order that you use in this value determines the priority that Siebel CRM uses for each field that the sort uses.

CAUTION:  To avoid a performance problem, any sort that you define must reference an indexed column. The items in this sort sorts must occur in the same sequential order that this index uses. This configuration includes any sort that you define with the ViewMode Sort user property.

mode_num contains an integer that identifies a view mode. Table 21 describes the integers that you can use. For information about these integers, see Siebel Object Interfaces Reference.

Table 21. View Modes That You Can Use with the View Mode Sort User Property
View Mode













You can use the ViewMode Sort user property to sort items in a view that uses visibility other than the Personal or Sales Rep visibility. You can use it with the following views:

  • All
  • Catalog
  • Group
  • Manager
  • Organization
  • Sub-Organization

You can configure Siebel CRM to modify the value for this user property, create a new instance of it, or deactivate it.

Example of Configuring the View Mode Sort User Property

If you set the All Mode Sort user property to FALSE for a business component, and if Siebel CRM displays this business component in a view mode that the ViewMode Sort user property supports, then Siebel CRM ignores all other sort specifications. For example, assume Siebel CRM must sort the records in a business component according to the Last Name field, and then by First Name, and that it must do this sort only if it displays this business component in an All view mode. Table 22 describes the user properties that you can add to the business component to support this example. For more information, see Overriding Sort Specifications on Business Components.

Table 22. Example of Configuring the View Mode Sort User Property
User Property

All Mode Sort


ViewMode Sort:3

Last Name, First Name

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