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Overview for Using This Book

How This Book Describes Objects

Getting Help From Oracle

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Applet Classes

Overview of Applet Classes

CSSSWEFrame Class

CSSSWEFrameBase Class

CSSSWEFrameList Classes

CSSSWEFrameListBase Class

CSSSWEFrameListFile Class

CSSSWEFrameListDocGen Class

CSSSWEFrameListWeb Class

CSSSWEFrameSalutation Class

CSSSWEFrameContactOrgChart Class

CSSSWEFrameListFINApplication Class

CSSSWEFrameUserRegistration Class

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Business Component Classes

Overview of Business Component Classes

Generalized and Specialized Business Component Classes

Guidelines for Using Methods in Business Component Classes

Calling a Method

CSSBusComp Class

CSSBCBase Class

User Properties That Can Reference the CSSBCBase Class

Methods That the CSSBCBase Class Can Reference

CSSBCAccountSIS Class

Dependencies and Limitations for the CSSBCAccountSIS Class

Business Component User Properties That Can Reference the CSSBCAccountSIS Class

CSSBCActivity Class

Dependencies and Limitations for the CSSBCActivity Class

Business Component User Properties That Can Reference the CSSBCActivity Class

Methods That the CSSBCActivity Class Can Reference

CSSBCActivityPlan Class

CSSBCContactSIS Class

User Properties and Methods That You Can Use with the CSSBCContactSIS Class

CSSBCFile Class

Dependencies and Limitations for the CSSBCFile Class

Methods That the CSSBCFileClass Can Reference


User Properties and Methods That You Can Use with the CSSBCFINOppty Class

CSSBCFINSActivity Class

CSSBCForecast Class

Dependencies and Limitations for Forecast Classes

Business Component User Properties That Can Reference the CSSBCForecast Class

Methods That the CSSBCForecastClass Can Reference

CSSBCForecastBase Class

Methods That the CSSBCForecastBase Class Can Reference

CSSBCForecastItem Class

CSSBCForecastItemDetail Class

Methods That the CSSBCForecastItemDetail Class Can Reference

CSSBCFundReq Class

CSSBCOppty Class

CSSBCOrderMgmtQuoteItem Class

CSSBCPharmaSpecializedAct Class

CSSBCPosition Class

Methods That the CSSBCPosition Class Can Reference

CSSBCProposal Class

Methods That the CSSBCProposal Class Can Reference

CSSBCServiceRequest Class

Dependencies and Limitations

CSSBCTaskTransient Class

CSSBCTaskTransientBase Class

CSSBCUser Class

Guidelines for Using the CSSBCUser Class

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User Properties

Overview of User Properties

How This Book Describes the User Property Format

Numbering Instances of a User Property

Alphabetic List of User Properties

Application User Properties

Calling Business Services from the Client

Disabling Predefined Queries in Views

Disabling the View Cache

Applet User Properties

Calling Methods from Applets

Disabling Data Loss Warnings in Standard Interactivity

Disabling Hierarchies in List Applets

Disabling Methods for FINS Applets in Query Mode

Disabling New Record Creation

Enabling Methods for Applets

Enabling High Interactivity for Applets

Enabling Record Manipulation in Field Service and Task Views

Hiding Applets That Contain No Data

Making an Applet Control Required

Specifying Gantt Chart Behavior

Specifying Template Values for Proposals

Specifying Drilldown Visibility

Specifying Field Names According to Parent Id

Specifying Political Influence in Organization Charts

Specifying Post Invoke Methods

Specifying Relationships in Organization Charts

Specifying the Application That Creates Proposals

Specifying the Calendar Visibility Filter

Specifying the Default Applet Focus

Specifying the Error Web Page for SmartScript

Specifying the Finish or Cancel Web Page for SmartScript

Specifying the Method That the Enter Key Calls

Specifying the Parent Business Component

Business Service User Properties

Specifying the BAPI Adapter Service

Specifying the Batch Size for SAP IDOCs

Specifying the Time Out Interval for Receive Requests

Control User Properties

Forcing Controls to Be Active

Saving Unsaved Data

Specifying the Goto URL

Specifying the Goto View

Specifying the Goto Web Page

Field User Properties

Disabling Search on Text Fields or Unindexed Fields

Disabling Sort on Business Component Fields

Making a Field Required

Setting the Field Text Length

Specifying Encryption for Fields

Updating Assets

Cascading Asset Updates

Specifying the Field That Stores the Account Id of a Contact

Specifying the SQL for EXISTS Search Specifications

Using Literals Instead of Bind Variables

Integration Component User Properties

Specifying Association Business Components

Specifying MVG Business Components

Preventing Siebel EAI From Deleting Records

Preventing Siebel EAI From Inserting Records

Integration Component Field User Properties

Specifying the Field Name for an MVG

Preventing Siebel EAI From Updating Fields

Integration Object User Properties

Specifying the IDOC Message Type for SAP

List Column User Properties

Disabling Sort on List Columns

Forcing Fields That a List Column References to be Active

View User Properties

Specifying the Default Applet Focus

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Business Component User Properties

Alphabetic List of Business Component User Properties

Viewing a Business Component User Property

Controlling Siebel CRM Data

Controlling Accounts

Controlling Activities

Controlling Revenues

Controlling Campaigns

Controlling Forecasts

Allowing Users to Update Closed Service Requests

Allowing Users to Update Assets

Adding Contacts to the Action Business Component

Creating Numbered Revisions of Quotes, Orders, or Agreements

Extending Quote Quantities

Automatically Assigning Responsibilities to Users

Making Sure the Current Employee Holds a Position

Setting the Close Out Flag Field

Specifying State Models

Specifying Assignment Objects

Protecting Seed Data

Controlling Search and Sort

Optimizing Sort Searches

Removing Duplicate Records From Queries

Overriding Sort Specifications on Business Components

Sorting According to the View Mode That the Business Component Uses

Disabling Automatic Trailing Wildcards in Queries

Adding Search Criteria to the Query Assistant

Saving Query Results in Target Lists

Specifying How to Sort Predefined Queries for Opportunities

Specifying Search Specifications for the Action Business Component

Specifying Search Specifications for Nonsales Rep Views

Controlling Visibility Filters

Controlling Global Account Visibility

Controlling My Visibility Filters

Controlling Manager Visibility Filters

Controlling Records

Making Records Read-Only According to a Field Value

Disabling Modifications to Saved Records

Allowing Administrators to Modify Records

Preventing Administrators from Deleting Records

Preventing Administrators from Updating Records

Calculating Values When Writing Records

Specifying Sequential Line Numbers for New Records

Specifying Sequential Line Numbers for New Records According to Maximum Values

Setting Business Components to Read-Only According to a Field Value

Setting Business Components to Read-Only According to a Name

Using Literals Instead of Bind Variables When Merging Records

Controlling Fields

Making Fields Active

Making Fields Read-Only

Disallowing Empty Fields

Disabling Field Deletion

Setting Field Values According to Conditions

Updating Fields When Siebel CRM Updates Other Fields

Calling Methods When Siebel CRM Updates Fields

Setting the Field Created Date to the Saved Date

Updating the Planned Field if the Start Date Field Is Modified

Overriding the Type for Fields That Users Read from Right-To-Left

Setting Default Values for Fields That Use Drop-Down Lists

Modifying the Currency That a Field Uses

Specifying Field Name Prefixes for File Attachment Business Components

Controlling Primaries

Specifying Who Can Modify Primary Team Members

Setting the Primary Sales Rep as the Owner

Setting the Current User as the Primary Contact

Allowing Only the Primary to Modify Sales Methods for Opportunities

Restricting How Siebel CRM Displays Private Activities for Primaries

Specifying Business Services

Calling Business Service Methods from Business Components

Specifying Business Service Parameters

Specifying External Data Sources for Business Services

Specifying Business Services for Virtual Business Components

Controlling Parent and Child Relationships

Copying and Deleting Child and Grandchild Records

Updating the Parent Business Component if Siebel CRM Modifies Children

Specifying Recursive Links Between Parent and Child Business Components

Enabling Service Request Updates in Child Business Components

Controlling Email

Specifying Statuses for Outgoing Email

Specifying the Manager That Sends Email

Sending Email Packages to Recipients

Responding to Email or Web Offers

Controlling Specific Siebel Business Applications

Controlling Siebel Automotive

Specifying Activities to Synchronize for Siebel Handheld

Specifying Position Join Fields for Siebel Life Sciences

Specifying Business Components for Product Selection and Pricing

Identifying Business Components That Siebel Financial Services Uses

Specifying Room Types for Siebel Hospitality

Specifying Arrival Dates, Room Blocks, and Function Spaces for Siebel Hospitality

Enabling Credit Check

Specifying the Workflow Process for Credit Check

Specifying Credit Card User Properties

Doing Other Work

Specifying the Application Name

Using Aspects to Control Read Only, Insert, and Other Behavior

Specifying the Default Bookmark View

Enabling the Dispatch Board

Making Sure an Attachment File Exists

Enabling the Revise Button According to Conditions

Specifying Joins to the S_PARTY Table

Specifying the DB2 Optimization Level for SQL Statements

Capturing User Drilldown Behavior

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Siebel Web Engine Tags

About SWE Tags

Applet Tags

Applet Tag

Applet Layout Tag

Control Tag

Form Applet Layout Tag

Master and Detail Applet Tags

Select Row Tag

Form and Web Page Tags

Form Tag

Web Page Item Tag

Frame Tags

Frame Tag

Frameset Tag

Navigation Control Tag

Program Logic Tags

Error Tag

JavaScript Tag

If Tag

Iterate Tag

Iterate Rows Tag

Switch, Case, and Default Tags

Referential Tags

Include Tag

Map Siebel Object to SWE Tag

This Tag

This Id Tag

This Table Id Tag

Screen Tags

For Each Screen Tag

Screenbar Tag

Screen Link Tag

Screen Name Tag

Subview Tags

Subview Bar Tag

For Each Subview Tag

Threadbar Tags

About Threadbar Behavior

For Each Thread Tag

Step Separator Tag

Thread Link Tag

About Link Navigation

Example of Using the Threadbar Tags

Togglebar Tags

For Each Toggle Tag

Toggle Bar Tag

Toggle Link Tag

Toggle Name Tag

Examples of Using the Togglebar Tags

Toolbar Tags

Configuring an HTML or Java Toolbar

Toolbar Tag

Toolbar Item Tag

Tree Tags

Applet Tree List Tag

For Each Indent Tag

For Each Node Tag

Indent Image Tag

Node Tag

View Tags

Overview of Using View Tags

Current View Tag

For Each View Tag

View Tag

View Bar Tag

View Link Tag

View Name Tag

Predefined Query Tag

Tags That Support a Specific Feature

Language Conversion Tag

Training Tag

Wireless Tag

XSL Stylesheet Tag

Tags That Are for Oracle Internal Use Only

All Applets, All Controls, and List Control Tags

Calendar Tags

Gantt Chart Tags

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Siebel Templates for Employee Applications

Overview of Configuring Siebel Templates for Employee Applications

Guidelines for Configuring Applet Templates

About Mapping IDs to Placeholders

Elements in the Client of an Employee Application

Form Templates

Overview of Using Applet Form Templates

Form Template for Edit, New, or Query Mode

One Column Form Template

One Column Form, Light Template

One Column Form, Light Template for Base, Edit, or New Mode

Four Column Form Template for Base Mode

Four Column Form Template for Edit or New Mode

Four Column Form Template With No Record Navigation

Grid Layout Form Template

List Templates

List Template for Base or Edit List Mode

Inverted Axis List Template

Message List Template

Portal List Template

Portal List Template With Graphics

Totals List Template for Base or Edit List Mode

Calendar Templates

Daily Calendar Template

Daily Calendar Template for Portals

Weekly Calendar Template

Monthly Calendar Template

Service Calendar Template

Chart Templates

Chart Template

Gantt Chart Template

Gantt Chart Activity Template

Gantt Chart Template for Portals

Container Templates

Container Template

CC Container Logic Template

Popup Templates

Popup Form Template

Popup Form, Grid Layout Template

Popup List Template

Popup Spell Checker Template

Popup Query Template

Search Templates

Search Center, Top Template

Search Center, Bottom Template

Advanced Search Template

Find Template

Save Search Template

Search Preference Template

Search Results Templates

Tree Templates

Applet Tree Template

Applet Tree, Marketing Template

View Tree Template

View Tree Two Template

View Templates

Overview of Using View Templates

View 1 Over 2 Over 1 Template

View 25 - 50 - 25 Template

View 25 - 75 Template

View 25 - 75 Framed Template

View 25 - 75 Framed Two Template

View 50 - 50 Template

View 66 - 33 Template

View Admin Template

View Admin Template With Grandchild Indented Applets

View Basic Template

View Catalog Admin Template

View Detail Template

View Detail Template With Grandchild Indented Applets

View Detail Two Template

View Detail Two Template With Grandchild Indented Applets

View Detail Three Template

View Detail Three Template With Grandchild Indented Applets

View Detail Three Multichild Template

View Detail Multichild Template

View Parent List With Tabs Template

Specialized Employee Templates

Columns Displayed Template

Dashboard Template

Email Response Template for Inbound Messages

Email Response Template for Outbound Messages

Salutation Applet Template

Salutation Applet Template With Graphics

Screen Links Template

Send Mail Template

Send Mail Template for Picking Recipients

Site Map Template

View Dashboard Template

View Segment Detail Template

Wizard, Error, and Smart Script Templates

Applet Wizard Template

Error Page Template

Smart Script Player Template

Smart Script Player Template With Tree Only

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Siebel Templates for Customer Applications

Overview of Configuring Siebel Templates for Customer Applications

Customer Form Templates

Basic Form Template

One Column Form Template

Two Column Form Template

Four Column Form Template

Item Detail Form Template

Search, Top Form Template

Title, Form Template

Four Column, Merged, Form Template for Base, Edit, or New Mode

Customer List Templates

Brief, Bullet, List Template

Brief, Bullet, Border, List Template

Brief, Bullet, Shade, List Template

Brief, Image Bullet, List Template

Brief, Image Bullet Two, List Template

Brief, Image Bullet, Border, List Template

Categorized List Template With Tabs

Categorized List Template With No Tabs

Brief, Image Bullet, Shade, List Template

Categorized Bullet, List Template

Categorized Bullet, List Template With Tabs

Categorized Table of Contents, List Template

Detailed, Image Bullet, List Template

Detailed, Image Bullet, List Template With Record Navigation

Detailed, Image Bullet, List Template With Record Navigation Two

Go To View, List Template

Horizontal List Template

List Template With Tabs

Light List Template

Search Results, List Template

Subcategory List Template

Subcategory, One Per Row, List Template

Subcategory, Four Per Column, List Template

Subcategory, Six Per Column, List Template

Subcategory, Indented, List Template

Merged List Template for Base or Edit List Mode

Links List Template

Customer View Templates

Admin View Template

Basic View Template

Detail View Template

Detail View Two Template

Detail, Multiple Child, View Template

25 50 25, View Template

25 50 25, Home, View Template

50 50, View Template

66 33, View Template

100 66 33 100, View Template

Customer Container Templates

Container Template With Frames

Container Template Without Frames

Container Template for Employee and Customer Applications

Specialized Customer Templates

Find Template

License, Base, One Column Template

Parametric Search, Head Template

Parametric Search, Tail Template

Real-Time Shopping Cart Template

Advanced Search Template

Advanced Search Template With Tabs

Basic Search Template

Totals Template

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Cascading Style Sheets

Overview of Cascading Style Sheets

Elements of Cascading Style Sheets

Applet Elements

Banner Elements

Calendar Elements

Control Elements

Customer Application Elements

Dashboard Elements

Dialog Box Elements

Divider Elements

ePortal Elements

External News Elements

Fonts and Link Color Elements

Form Elements

Login Page Elements

Navigation Elements

Page Header Elements

Rich Text Component Elements

Search Center Elements

SmartScript Player Elements

Status Message Elements

Text Elements

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Operators and Expressions


Operator Precedence

Comparison Operators

Logical Operators

Arithmetic Operators

LIKE and NOT LIKE Operators

NULL Operator

Using the EXISTS Operators with Multivalue Groups


Functions You Can Use in a Calculated Expression

Using the Division Functions

Using the IIf Function

Using Julian Functions

Using the Timestamp Function

Using Functions in the Predefault and Postdefault Properties

Using Expressions In the Calculated Field and Field Validation Properties

Using the Invoke Service Method in a Calculated Field

Using Calculated Fields with Chart Coordinates

How Siebel CRM Handles Data Types During a Calculation

Guidelines for Configuring Calculated Fields

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