Concepts and Architectural Overview

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Document Roadmap

This chapter describes both the audience for and the organization of this document:


Document Scope and Audience

This document provides a high-level account of Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper, its structure and its capabilities, consisting of:

This document will be of use to anyone who needs a high-level understanding of how Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper works. This includes third-party application developers who wish to integrate telephony-based functionality into their products and operator-based system developers who wish to extend the functionality of Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper or to integrate it with PRM or OSS tools. It also includes system administrators charged with installing and maintaining Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper. Managers, support engineers, and sales and marketing people will also find information of value here.


Guide to This Document

The document contains the following chapters:



The following terms and acronyms are used in this document:


Related Documentation

This architectural overview is a part of the Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper documentation set. The other documents include:

Additionally, many documents in the Oracle WebLogic Server documentation set are of interest to users of Oracle Communications Services Gatekeeper, including:

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