Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle Extension SDK Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


Uses of Interface

Packages that use Displayable
oracle.ide.ceditor The Code Editor package contains the code editing implementation of the JDeveloper IDE. 
oracle.ide.config Contains classes encapsulating JDevelopers's environment settings. 
oracle.ide.db.model Classes associated with the IDE's navigator nodes for database connections and database objects. 
oracle.ide.explorer Contains the interfaces and classes addins use to provide a structured view of data contained in nodes displayed in a navigator or an editor. 
oracle.ide.externaltools Contains interfaces and classes that allow external tools in the IDE to be invoked, manipulated and extended by extensions. 
oracle.ide.externaltools.macro Contains APIs related to macros that can be expanded when invoking external tools. Contains classes implementing JDeveloper's new object gallery. 
oracle.ide.inspector Contains interfaces and classes that integrators may use to make their objects editable from the property inspector. 
oracle.ide.layout Contains interfaces and classes addins can implement or extend to provide preferred layouts for their own specialized editors. 
oracle.ide.model Contains interfaces and classes implementing JDeveloper's data model. 
oracle.ide.palette Contains classes that allow for palette integration and commands. 
oracle.ide.runner Contains classes that allow addins some level of control on the IDE runner system. 
oracle.ide.todo Contains API classes for the To Do Item feature. 
oracle.jdeveloper.audit.model The base classes for defining the Audit object model. 
oracle.jdeveloper.audit.service The API classes for invoking Audit programatically, and a few Audit common API classes. 
oracle.jdeveloper.cmt The Component Model Tool, an API for manipulating Java source code. 
oracle.jdeveloper.library The Libraries package provides the library API used by JDeveloper. 
oracle.jdeveloper.merge Contains classes for merge editor abstractions, including an editor addin, commands, a controller, and utilities. 
oracle.jdeveloper.model Contains interfaces and classes implementing the Java specific portions of JDeveloper's data model. 
oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.browser Offline Database Node implementations for the JDeveloper's Application Navigator. 
oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.model Classes that define an offline database's settings and properties. 
oracle.jdeveloper.runner Contains classes that allow addins some level of control on the JDeveloper runner system. 
oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.spi Contains extension-level service provider interfaces for version control system integraton. 

Uses of Displayable in oracle.bali.xml.addin

Classes in oracle.bali.xml.addin that implement Displayable
 class oracle.bali.xml.addin.XMLSourceNode

Uses of Displayable in oracle.ide.ceditor

Classes in oracle.ide.ceditor that implement Displayable
 class CodeNavigationPoint
          CodeNavigationPoint is a NavigationPoint implementation intended for registration with the NavigationManager as an EditorNavigationPoint for the CodeEditor class.
 class LineNavigationPoint
          NavigationPoint implementation which navigates to a given line within a CodeEditor.
 class OffsetNavigationPoint
          NavigationPoint implementation which navigates to a given offset within a FindableEditor.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.ide.config

Classes in oracle.ide.config that implement Displayable
 class RegisteredDynamicNode

Uses of Displayable in oracle.ide.db.model

Subinterfaces of Displayable in oracle.ide.db.model
 interface DBObjectNode
          Interface for anything that can contain a DBObject.
 interface DBObjectPlSqlNode
 interface DBObjectProviderNode
          Interface for any node that represents a DBObjectProvider, or any object or folder within a DBObjectProvider to implement.
 interface DBObjectTypeNode
          Interface for any node (including folders) that represents a DBObject type.

Classes in oracle.ide.db.model that implement Displayable
 class BaseDBObjectNode
          Convenience subclass of Node that implements DBObjectNode.
 class BaseDBObjectTextNode
          Convenience subclass of TextNode that implements DBObjectNode.
 class BasePlSqlTextNode
          Convenience subclass of BaseDBObjectTextNode specifically for PlSql nodes in the navigator.
 class SqlNode
          The SqlNode class is a TextNode that represents an SQL or PL/SQL file.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.ide.explorer

Classes in oracle.ide.explorer that implement Displayable
 class ChildFilter
          The ChildFilter interface defines an API for retrieving a structured collection of Element nodes.

Methods in oracle.ide.explorer that return Displayable
 Displayable IconOverlay.getDisplayable()
          Gets the displayable information describing this object.

Constructors in oracle.ide.explorer with parameters of type Displayable
IconOverlay(Displayable displayable)

Uses of Displayable in oracle.ide.externaltools

Subinterfaces of Displayable in oracle.ide.externaltools
 interface ExternalToolType
          A type of external tool.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.ide.externaltools.macro

Classes in oracle.ide.externaltools.macro that implement Displayable
 class MacroExpander
          Macro expanders are registered with the MacroRegistry and can be used to expand macros prior to running external tools.
 class ParameterizedMacro
          A parameterized macro takes one or more parameters that can be used at expansion time.

Uses of Displayable in

Classes in that implement Displayable

Uses of Displayable in oracle.ide.inspector

Subinterfaces of Displayable in oracle.ide.inspector
 interface InspectorPage
          InspectorPage is an interface which allows GUI 'pages' hosted in the InspectorWindow the opportunity to interact with the hosting InspectorWindow with respect to populating toolbars and receiving focus.

Classes in oracle.ide.inspector that implement Displayable
 class AbstractAdditionalPage

Uses of Displayable in oracle.ide.layout

Classes in oracle.ide.layout that implement Displayable
 class IdeLayout
          IdeLayout class.
 class IdeProperties
          The IdeProperties class is reponsible for managing the general layout information, such as the size and position of the main application window and the opened editor frames for example.
 class Layout
          Layout interface.
 class Layouts
          This class manages layouts created by the user.
 class SimpleLayout
          Simple layout information.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.ide.model

Subinterfaces of Displayable in oracle.ide.model
 interface Element
          The Element interface defines the protocol used by the IDE to communicate with data objects in order to display the objects in the UI.
 interface Folder
          The Folder interface extends Element by adding methods for managing child Elements contained by the Folder.
 interface RelativeDirectoryElement
          An interface which represents directories containing source in the navigator.

Classes in oracle.ide.model that implement Displayable
 class Connections
          Top level IDE level Connections Node.
 class ContentLevelFolder
          Although this class is package-private, it extends the public abstract class RelativeDirectoryContextFolder.
 class ContentSetFolder
          Although this class is package-private, it extends the public abstract class RelativeDirectoryContextFolder.
 class DataContainer
 class DataNode
 class DefaultContainer
          The DefaultContainer class is a default implementation of a Node that implements the Folder interface.
 class DefaultDisplayable
          Default implementation of the Displayable interface.
 class DefaultElement
          DefaultElement is a complete, default implementation of the Element interface.
 class DefaultFilter
          The DefaultFilter class.
 class DefaultFolder
          DefaultFolder is a complete, default implementation of the Folder interface.
 class DeployableTextNode
          Trivial subclass of TextNode that has the ElementAttributes.DEPLOYABLE attribute set.
 class HashStructureNode
          Node implementation for an object that stores properties in a HashStructure and persists those properties to XML via HashStructureIO.
 class IdeSystem
          This class is for internal use, and should not be used by extension developers.
 class ImageNode
          Node subclass for GIF, JPEG, and PNG image files.
 class Node
          The base class for all document types that need to interact with the IDE framework.
 class ObservableFolder
          ObservableFolder is a complete, default implementation of the Folder and Subject interfaces.
 class Preferences
          Deprecated. since 11.1.1. Do not use this class. It will be removed in a future version of the ide framework. For preferences, see Preferences.
 class Project
          This class represents a user project in the IDE.
 class RelativeDirectoryContextFolder
          Folder representing a directory displayed in a navigator.
 class TextNode
          A base class for Nodes representing text files.
 class UnrecognizedTextNode
          The UnrecognizedTextNode is used for files that are not recognized by the node recognizer system.
 class Workspace
          Workspace represents an Application.
 class Workspaces
          This class holds all Workspace objects currently available to the user in the IDE.
 class XMLDataContainer
          The XMLDataContainer is the Node wrapper for a Folder-implementing JavaBean that can be persisted to XML using the XML marshalling framework in oracle.ide.marshal.xml.
 class XMLDataNode
          The XMLDataNode class is the Node wrapper for a JavaBean class that can be persisted to XML using the XML marshalling framework Object2Dom.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.ide.navigation

Classes in oracle.ide.navigation that implement Displayable
 class oracle.ide.navigation.DefaultNavigationPoint

Uses of Displayable in oracle.ide.palette

Subinterfaces of Displayable in oracle.ide.palette
 interface Palette
          Palette - Palette Model based on PalettePage and PaletteItem.
 interface PaletteItem
          The PaletteItem class represents the Object model for items on the component palette.
 interface PalettePage

Uses of Displayable in oracle.ide.runner

Subinterfaces of Displayable in oracle.ide.runner
 interface DebuggeeData
          DebuggeeData represents a data item from a debuggee as supplied by the debugger.

Classes in oracle.ide.runner that implement Displayable
 class RunProcess
          An abstract class that represents a process that can be run in some way.

Methods in oracle.ide.runner that return Displayable
 Displayable AbstractStarterFactory.getDisplayable(RunProcess runProcess, Context context, Node node, java.lang.Object o)

Uses of Displayable in oracle.ide.todo

Subinterfaces of Displayable in oracle.ide.todo
 interface ToDoItem
          The ToDoItem interface provides the API for dealing with ToDoItems.

Classes in oracle.ide.todo that implement Displayable
 class AbstractToDoItem
          A AbstractToDoItem represents a task the user wants to track.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.model

Subinterfaces of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.model
 interface ContentDirectory
          A single directory contained by one or more ContentRoots.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.service

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.audit.service that return Displayable
 Displayable AuditModel.getDisplayable(java.lang.Object row)
          Gets a Displayable describing a row of this model.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.cmt

Subinterfaces of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.cmt
 interface CmtMessage
 interface CmtModelNode
          The URL for a CmtModelNode is of the form: jdev.cmt:?&

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.cmt that implement Displayable
 class CmtFolder

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.cmd

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.cmd that implement Displayable
 class DeployCommand
 class DeployToAppServer
 class DeployToArchive
 class DeployToEar
 class DeployToFile
 class DeployToWar
 class ProfileDeployCmd

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.cmd.weblogic

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.cmd.weblogic that implement Displayable
 class DeployToWeblogic

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.dt

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.dt that implement Displayable
 class DeployElement
          An extension of DefaultElement that also implements the LinkedDirtyable interface.
 class DeployFolder
          An extension of DefaultFolder that also implements the Copyable, LinkedDirtyable, and Subject interfaces.
 class DeployGalleryFolder
          Overrides regular GalleryFolder by recording the instance created and preventing the List of children from being persisted.
 class DeploymentProfiles
 class DeployProfileDt
          An instance of this class implements design-time support for its particular deployment profile type and has three responsibilities: user interaction via Controller and ContextMenuListener interfaces, inherited from DeployDesignTime.
 class Profile

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.ear

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.ear that implement Displayable
 class EarProfile
          Class representing an EAR deployment profile.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.ejb

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.ejb that implement Displayable
 class EjbProfile
          Class representing an EJB deployment profile.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.j2ee

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.j2ee that implement Displayable
 class J2eeProfile

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.jar

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.jar that implement Displayable
 class AppClientProfile
 class ArchiveProfile
          Data model for the JAR (simple archive) deployment profile.
 class ClientProfile
          Data model representing the J2EE Client deployment profile type.
 class ConnectorProfile
          Data model representing the J2EE Connector deployment profile type.
 class LibraryArchiveProfile
          Data Model representing a deployment campable (as a shared library) version of an ArchiveProfile.
 class TaglibProfile
          The JSP tag library profile.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.sp

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.sp that implement Displayable
 class PlsqlMethod
          Abstract base data model representing common aspects of PL/SQL procedures and functions.
 class PlsqlPackage
          Data model representing a PL/SQL package.
 class PlsqlPackagedFunction
          Data model representing a PL/SQL packaged function.
 class PlsqlPackagedProcedure
          Data model representing a packaged Java stored procedure.
 class PlsqlTopLevelFunction
          Data model representing a top-level Java stored function.
 class PlsqlTopLevelMethod
          Abstract base data model representing common aspects of top-level PL/SQL procedures and functions.
 class PlsqlTopLevelProcedure
          Data model representing a top-level Java stored procedure that has no return value.
 class StoredProcProfile
          Data model representing the stored procedure deployment profile type.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.war

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.deploy.war that implement Displayable
 class WarProfile
          Data model representing a deployment profile for a J2EE web module.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.history

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.history that implement Displayable
 class HistoryElement
          Provides a bridge between HistoryEntry and the IDE's Element interface.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.jsp.libraries

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.jsp.libraries that implement Displayable
 class JspLibrary
          Instances of this class represent JSP Tag Libraries avialiable within the JDeveloper.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.library

Subinterfaces of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.library
 interface DerivedLibrary
          Encapsulates the notion of a derived library as it is used within JDeveloper.
 interface JDK
          Encapsulates the notion of a JDK.
 interface JLibrary
          Encapsulates the notion of a Library as it is used within JDeveloper.
 interface JLibraryDefinition
          Deprecated. Use JLibrary
 interface Library
          Encapsulates the notion of a library as it is used within JDeveloper.
 interface LibraryList
          The LibraryList interface represents a list of JLibrary and JDK definitions.
 interface MutableLibraryList

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.library that implement Displayable
 class AbstractDerivedLibrary
          AbstractDerivedLibrary class.
 class AbstractLibrary
          A read only, partial implementation of Libary.
 class AddinJDK
          A JDK automatically installed by the extension framework.
 class AddinLibrary
          Represents a library that was installed in an extension manifest's <libraries> hook.
 class AddinLibraryList
          Provides access to libraries registered by extensions.
 class ExternalLibrary
 class JDKAdapter
          Encapsulates the notion of a JDK.
 class JDKNode
 class JLibraryAdapter
          Encapsulates the notion of a Library as it is used within JDeveloper.
 class JLibraryList
 class JLibraryNode
 class JProjectLibraryList
          The JProjectLibraryList class is used to contain Library instances that are defined within the context of a JProject.
 class LegacyJDK
          The sole intention of LegacyJDK is to represent a JDK as used in pre 10.1.3 releases such taht the data may be read by the migration mechanics for conversion to the 10.1.3 format.
 class LegacyLibrary
          The sole intention of LegacyLibrary is to represent a library as used in pre 10.1.3 releases such taht the data may be read by the migration mechanics for conversion to the 10.1.3 format.
 class LegacyLibraryDefinition
 class LegacyLibraryList
          The sole intention of LegacyLibraryList is to represent a libraries.xml file used in pre 10.1.3 releases such that the data may be read by the migration mechanics for conversion to the 10.1.3 format.
 class LibraryAdapter
 class LibraryDataNode
 class LibraryElement
          LibraryElement is a complete, default implementation of the Element and Dirtyable interfaces.
 class ListWrapper
 class ProjectLibrary
          ProjectLibrary class.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.merge

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.merge that implement Displayable
 class TextMergeNode
          Textual merge node class on which a TextMergeNodeContributor is created for an editable contributor to the merge UI.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.model

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.model that implement Displayable
 class JavaClassNode
          The JavaNode interface represents a Java class element in the JDeveloper browser.
 class JavaNode
          The JavaNode represents a Java class element in the JDeveloper browser.
 class JavaSourceNode
          The JavaSourceNode interface represents a Java source file in the JDeveloper browser.
 class JspSourceNode
          The JspSourceNode interface represents a Jsp source file in the JDeveloper browser.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.browser

Subinterfaces of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.browser
 interface SchemaObjectNode
          Interface for all offline database nodes containing SchemaObjects to implement.

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.browser that implement Displayable
 class ProviderNode
          Node for a provider in the navigator.
 class SchemaNode
          Node for the schema/package object in the system navigator.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.model

Subinterfaces of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.offlinedb.model
 interface OfflineDBObjectNode
          Interface for all offline database nodes containing DBObjects to implement.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.runner

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.runner that implement Displayable
 class JRunProcess
          An abstract class that represents a Java process.
 class RemoteProcess
 class RunningProcess

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.runner that return Displayable
 Displayable BrowseablePaths.getDisplayable(int index)
          Returns the Displayable that represents the browseable path at the specified index.
 Displayable EmbeddedServerCallback.getDisplayableForChoice(int index)
          If the callback returned greater-than-zero from getNumberOfChoices, JDeveloper will call this method with indexes from 0 to N-1.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.template

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.template that implement Displayable
 class AbstractTemplate
 class ApplicationTemplate
 class ProjectTemplate

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.changelist

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.changelist that implement Displayable
 class ChangeListItem
          ChangeListItems are proxy elements that represent files in the change list.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.nav

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.nav that implement Displayable
 class ConnectionListFilterNode
 class ConnectionNodeDecorator
 class ConnectionPlaceholderNode

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.patch

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.patch that implement Displayable
 class PatchNode

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.spi

Constructors in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.spi with parameters of type Displayable
VCSExtensionInformation(Displayable displayable)

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.versionhistory

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.versionhistory that implement Displayable
 class VersionHistoryNode

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.vop

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.vop that implement Displayable
 class Category

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.vop that return Displayable
 Displayable VersionOperationModel.getCategory(Displayable item)
          Each item in the version operation panel can be categorized.
 Displayable VersionOperationModel.getItem(int index)
          Get the item at the specified index in the model.
 Displayable[] VersionOperationModel.getItems()
          Get the items in the model.

Methods in oracle.jdeveloper.vcs.vop with parameters of type Displayable
 Displayable VersionOperationModel.getCategory(Displayable item)
          Each item in the version operation panel can be categorized.

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdeveloper.webapp

Classes in oracle.jdeveloper.webapp that implement Displayable
 class BrowsableWebDocumentNode
 class DelegatingXMLSourceNode
          An XMLSourceNode extension that allows the WebDocumentNode world to assign strategies at a single node recognition time.
 class WebDocumentNode
          Node representing Web documents: HTML, JSP ...

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.core

Classes in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.core that implement Displayable
 class AuditAddinDescription
          Describes the Audit addin for the extensions manager.

Methods in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.core that return Displayable
 Displayable DefaultAuditModel.getDisplayable(java.lang.Object row)

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.model

Classes in oracle.jdevimpl.audit.model that implement Displayable
 class DefaultContentDirectory

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdevimpl.offlinedb.browser

Classes in oracle.jdevimpl.offlinedb.browser that implement Displayable
 class oracle.jdevimpl.offlinedb.browser.BaseOfflineDBObjectNode

Uses of Displayable in oracle.jdevimpl.webapp.html

Classes in oracle.jdevimpl.webapp.html that implement Displayable
 class oracle.jdevimpl.webapp.html.HtmlSourceNode

Oracle Fusion Middleware Java API Reference for Oracle Extension SDK Reference
11g Release 1 (11.1.1)


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