This function takes a dynamicdata table and iterates over it, setting local data values for each row. The first column of the table is used as the list of keys, while the second column is used as the list of values.

Type and Usage


This function has one parameter, dataTableName, which is the name of the dynamicdata table to load.


If the dynamicdata table exists, it returns True.


<@dynamicdata MyDataTable@>key, valuefoo, 15bar, 23baz, 77<@end@>

<$exec ddSetLocal("MyDataTable")$><$tmp1 =$>   [[% (tmp1 == '15') %]]<$tmp2 =$>   [[% (tmp2 == '23') %]]<$tmp3 = #local.baz$>   [[% (tmp3 == '77') %]]

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