This function takes the first row of a dynamicdata table and, using the column names as keys, sets a local value for each column and its corresponding value. If there is no first row, then this function does nothing. This can be a useful method for quickly setting a lot of local values. The filterInclude and includeColumns properties of the dynamicdata table are ignored.

Type and Usage


This function has one parameter, dataTableName, which is the name of the dynamicdata table to load.


If the dynamicdata table was successfully loaded, it returns True.


<@dynamicdata MyDataTable@>fieldA, fieldB, fieldCfoo,    bar,    baz<@end@>

<$exec ddSetLocalByColumnsFromFirstRow("MyDataTable")$><$tmpStr1 = #local.fieldA$>   [[% (tmpStr1 == 'foo') %]]<$tmpStr2 = #local.fieldC$>   [[% (tmpStr2 == 'baz') %]]

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