This function takes the first row of a dynamicdata table, and, using the column names as keys, sets a local value for each column and its corresponding value. If there is no first row, then this function does nothing. This function is almost identical to ddSetLocalByColumnsFromFirstRow. The only difference is that this function uses the first row given an indexed column and value instead of the very first row of the dynamicdata table. If no indexed row is found then this function does nothing.

Type and Usage


The following table lists parameters for the function.

Parameters Description
dataTableName The name of the dynamicdata table to load.
indexColumn The name of an indexed column in the dynamicdata table.
indexValue The value to use to select a row of the original table. This value will be checked in a case-insensitive manner against the indexColumn in each row. If it matches, that row will be used and the rest of the table will be ignored.


If the dynamicdata table is successfully loaded, it returns True.


<@dynamicdata MyDataTable@><?commatable indexedColumns="fieldB"?>fieldA, fieldB, fieldC1,      2,      34,      5,      67,      8,      93,      5,      2<@end@>

<$exec ddSetLocalByColumnsFromFirstRowIndexed("MyDataTable", "fieldB", 5)$><$tmpStr1 = #local.fieldA$>   [[% (tmpStr1 == '4') %]]<$tmpStr2 = #local.fieldC$>   [[% (tmpStr2 == '6') %]]

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