3 Configuring Imaging Solution Components

This chapter describes how to configure the following imaging solution components:

3.1 Configuring the BPEL Connection

Configuring the BPEL connection for use by an AXF solution involves the following tasks:

3.1.1 Creating a CSF Credential Alias

The Credential Store Framework (CSF) enables you to create a username/password alias for use in an Oracle I/PM connection configuration. With a CSF alias, you supply a key instead of a username and password, and use this key in creating an Oracle I/PM connection. (You can use one CSF key for multiple imaging connections.)

For information about creating keys and aliases, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide.

3.1.2 Creating a Connection in Oracle I/PM Imaging Connections

Follow these steps to create a connection and specify the CSF alias key, BPEL server name and port.

  1. Log in to the Oracle I/PM imaging system as an administrator.

  2. From Manage Connections in the side pane, click the + (plus) sign document icon for creating a BPEL connection.

  3. Enter a name for the connection, and click Next.

    This name is referenced in the AXF_SOLUTION_ATTRIBUTES Table to establish the connection.

  4. On the BPEL Settings step, enter the system name, port, and credential alias (previously created as described in "Creating a CSF Credential Alias").

    For example:

    • System: system

    • Port: port number

    • Credential Alias: axfconnection

  5. Click Next, then Submit.

3.1.3 Referencing the Connection in the AXF_SOLUTION_ATTRIBUTES Table

Follow these steps to identify the Oracle I/PM imaging connection to the AXF solution. Run the commands from SQL Developer (or other suitable tool that can connect to the imaging database schema).

  1. Run the two configuration rows specified below, where:

    • CONNECTION_NAME identifies the connection name configured in Oracle I/PM Imaging Connections, as described in "Creating a Connection in Oracle I/PM Imaging Connections".

    • SOLUTION_NAMESPACE identifies the solution. InvoiceProcessing is used in the example below. Modify this value if needed.

Insert into AXF_SOLUTION_ATTRIBUTES (SOLUTION_NAMESPACE,PARAMETER_KEY,PARAMETER_VALUE) values \ ('InvoiceProcessing','CONNECTION_PROVIDER','oracle.imaging.axf.servicemodules.bpel.workflow.AxfWorkflowServiceModule');

3.1.4 Configuring the URI to Display Images in the Task Viewer

Follow the steps below to configure the URI for displaying images in the Task Viewer. You configure the DocURL payload element from the BPEL Injector as the URI and hide the banner.

  1. Under Manage Applications, display the BPEL Payload Properties page for the Oracle I/PM application.

    For more information, see the Oracle Fusion Middleware Administrator's Guide for Oracle Imaging and Process Management.

  2. For the URI payload element, choose Document URL in the Mapped Value field.