A.7 Move Document Page

The Move Document page is used to move an existing document, its metadata and annotations out of the current application and into a different application. When moving, shared metadata fields are populated with the existing document metadata, but metadata fields unique to the new application are left blank. To access the Move Document page, select a document from a Search Results Table and then select Move from either the Search Results Toolbar or the Search Results Contextual Menu.

Move Document Page

The following table describes the elements available on the page.

Element Description
Select an Application Select an application in which this document is to reside. This field is required. Additional metadata fields are displayed once an application is selected.
Metadata fields Additional metadata fields are displayed on the Move Document page when an application is selected. The additional fields are unique to each application and are defined by the person who created the application. Required fields are noted with an asterisk (*).
Move Click to submit the document move request.
Confirmation The confirmation message is displayed after the document move request has been submitted and the document has been successfully moved.