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Getting Started with Oracle WebCenter 11g
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Welcome to Oracle WebCenter

In today's hyper-competitive global economy, the ability to be agile and respond to change is more important than ever before. Information and the interactions around it have become the key assets of most enterprises, and making correct decisions in shrinking cycle times is the defining operating characteristic of winning companies. This market imperative to access the right information and people at the right time has led to an increased interest in building a next-generation enterprise workplace. This is an environment that leverages Web 2.0 technologies and usage patterns to transition the enterprise to an Internet-powered, user-focused, and community-centric social fabric that ties together people, ideas, content, processes, systems, and enterprise applications.

Bringing Web 2.0 capabilities and services to the enterprise is more than just the latest technology; it's about changing the traditional business model and tapping into the creativity, intellect, and passion of every single employee. It is much more important for companies to understand the changing trends in business than to just implement the next "hot" technology product. Oracle WebCenter enables companies to foster the development of new ideas, tap into critical employee thinking and knowledge, and enable the synergy of teams to revolutionize their existing business models and achieve lasting success.

At the core, Oracle WebCenter is built on a standards-based, open, declarative framework. This enables combining the development of rich internet applications (RIAs) through dynamic user interface technologies, the flexibility of an integrated multi-channel portal framework, and horizontal Web 2.0 services that provide content, collaboration, presence, and social networking capabilities in the context of a business problem or user task.

To enable businesses and users to quickly leverage the power of these integrated frameworks and services, the ready-to-use Oracle WebCenter Spaces application provides an out-of-the-box team environment to quickly share information, collaborate on new ideas, and manage projects without waiting for IT to build a specialized solution. Simply install Oracle WebCenter Spaces and your team or company can be productive immediately. No development delays and, finally, a way to manage all the unstructured processes that drive most businesses.