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Oracle WebCenter Spaces
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What Is Oracle WebCenter Spaces?

Oracle WebCenter Spaces is a ready-to-use application that pulls together the capabilities of all the WebCenter Services to empower teams to quickly and efficiently manage their information, applications, projects, and people without requiring IT assistance. It brings together the latest technology around social computing, communities, personal productivity, and ad-hoc team interactions with no development effort. Oracle WebCenter Spaces allows users to work more effectively with project teams and work groups, including teams that span multiple geographies and include external members. It eliminates or reduces duplication of efforts and content inconsistencies, and it enables sharing valuable team resources to solve business problems, tap into new ideas, and reduce time to market.

By providing a dynamic foundation for users to work together in teams, Oracle WebCenter Spaces helps your enterprise address many challenges, such as: Oracle WebCenter Spaces delivers the following powerful features that enable you to provide a productive environment to deliver team-based sites, along with enterprise and departmental portals: