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WebCenter Services
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What Are WebCenter Services?

Oracle WebCenter exposes social networking and personal productivity features through a comprehensive set of services. The services are integrated so that you can use them together (for example, you can add an Instant Messaging and Presence link to a discussion forum to talk with a product expert directly from a forum topic).

All WebCenter Services have a complete set of ready-to-use task flows or portlets to speed their adoption, making developers and end users quickly productive. For example, the Documents service is exposed through the Documents task flow, the Document List Viewer task flow, and the Recent Document task flow. You can add any of these task flows to an application or portal when you are building it, and users can add these service task flows to a deployed application or portal with Oracle Composer.

If the pre-built task flows do not meet the requirements, developers have two additional choices:
  1. Customize the pre-built task flows to match the requirements directly. These customizations are created inside JDeveloper and provide developers with an extremely productive and fast way of delivering their required functionality.

  2. Use the pre-built data controls and bind their own user interface to meet the requirements, without having to build the back-end integration.

WebCenter Services are built to industry standards, such as IMAP for e-mail, JSR 116 for presence, JCR 1.0 for content integration, JSR 168, JSR 286, WSRP 1.0 and 2.0, JSR 301, and many others.

WebCenter Services fall into three categories: social networking services, personal productivity services, and shared services.