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Oracle Composer
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Create Pages at Runtime

The Page service—a feature of Oracle Composer—enables developers the flexibility of allowing users to create pages at runtime. When used within an application or portal, users have a complete solution for creating and customizing pages at runtime.

With the Page service, users can create pages based on custom or delivered styles, schemes, and Oracle ADF page templates. Styles and schemes define a page's look and feel by specifying the page's structure, layout, layout components, background color, and images. Layout components include an in-place HTML text editor, layout boxes, hyperlinks, and more. During runtime, users can switch styles and schemes, revising their pages in the process. An important part of Oracle Composer's Page service is that all the pages and customizations are immediately stored in the Oracle Metadata Services (MDS) repository so that these changes are isolated from the base application and can automatically be applied to updated versions of the base application or portal.

Users can create custom Oracle ADF page templates that adhere to their enterprise's design requirements, ensuring consistency of the look and feel that defines their organization. Additionally, users can define styles for different types of pages and associate the styles with a page template. For example, there might be one overall look and feel for the application or portal, but for a page that shows off customer invoices, a specific format shows a special view for each customer. Some page styles can contain properties that suggest particular uses for the page. For example, the Web page style includes a configurable property for specifying a URL. When using Oracle Composer, users can choose the Web page style and simply enter the URL to quickly create a new page.