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Part I Registering and Managing Customers

1 About Registering Customers

2 About Managing Customers

3 Customizing Registration

4 Setting Up Customer Self Care with Self-Care Manager

5 Sending Registration Information to Customers

6 Managing Customer Contact Information

7 Managing Customer Authentication

8 Creating and Managing Customer Segments

9 Managing Customer Billing Information

10 Managing Business Profiles

11 Managing Customers' Services and Products

12 Changing Account and Service Status

13 Managing Service Life Cycles

14 Managing Customers' Subscription-Level Services

15 Working with Profile Sharing Groups

16 Sending Email to Customers Automatically

17 Managing System and Account Currencies

Part II Implementing Branded Services

18 About Branding

19 Configuring a Branded Database

20 Managing Brands

Part III Migrating Customer Accounts

21 Understanding Conversion Manager

22 Installing and Configuring Conversion Manager

23 Mapping Legacy Data to the BRM Database

24 Migrating Data by Using New and Extended Storable Classes

25 Loading Legacy Data into the BRM Database

26 Migrating Legacy Data into BRM Table Partitions

Part IV Customer Management Utilities

27 Conversion Manager Utilities

28 Customer Management Utilities