37 Setting Up JBuilder to Customize the Customer Center Interface

This chapter describes how to set up JBuilder to customize Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management (BRM) Customer Center functionality.

Before you read this chapter, you should be familiar with JBuilder and have read the following documents:

About Using JBuilder to Customize the Customer Center Interface

To set up your JBuilder development environment for customizing Customer Center:

  1. Make sure you have installed the following on your system:

    For more compatibility information, see "BRM Software Compatibility" in BRM Installation Guide.

  2. Install Customer Center SDK. See "Installing Customer Center SDK on Windows" in BRM Installation Guide.

  3. Add PIA widgets to the JBuilder palette. See "Adding PIA Widgets to the JBuilder Palette".

  4. Create a JBuilder project. See "Creating a JBuilder Project for Customer Center SDK".

Adding PIA Widgets to the JBuilder Palette

Customer Center SDK includes a JBuilder plug-in of Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) widgets. You can use these widgets to add components to existing Customer Center panels or to custom panels you create by subclassing the controllers provided with the SDK.

To add PIA widgets to the JBuilder palette, copy the Customer Center SDK plug-in file (CCSDK_Home/CustomerCenterSDK/CustCntr/bin/ oracle.communications.brm.uicomponents_1.0.0.jar) to your JBuilder directory.

Creating a JBuilder Project for Customer Center SDK

To create a JBuilder project for Customer Center SDK:

  1. Start JBuilder.

  2. Choose File – New – Java Project.

    The New Java Project wizard starts.

  3. In the Project Name field, enter a name for your project.

  4. Select the appropriate JRE.

  5. Set the remaining fields according to your system configuration.

  6. Click Next.

    The Java Settings pane appears.

  7. Click the Libraries tab and then click Add Library.

    The Add Library dialog box appears.

  8. In the Add Library pane, select User Library and then click Next.

    The User Library pane appears.

  9. Click User Libraries.

    The Preferences (Filtered) dialog box appears.

  10. In the User Libraries pane, click Import.

    The Import User Libraries dialog box appears.

  11. In the File location field, enter the path to the Customer Center SDK library file (CCSDK_Home/CustomerCenterSDK/CustCntr/bin/CCSDK_lib.userlibraries).

  12. Click OK.

    The User Library dialog box appears.

  13. Make sure CCSDK_lib appears in the User libraries list.


    If CCSDK_lib is not in the User libraries list, the CCSDK_lib.userlibraries file is not in a folder that JBuilder can access. See "Adding PIA Widgets to the JBuilder Palette" for information on where to copy the file.
  14. Select CCSDK_lib and then click Finish.

    Your project is now ready for adding Java source files.