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Part I Introduction to Customizing BRM

1 About Customizing BRM

2 Implementation Defaults

3 Understanding Flists and Storable Classes

4 Understanding the PCM API and the PIN Library

5 Understanding the BRM Data Types

6 Understanding API Error Handling and Logging

7 Using BRM Developer Tools

8 Testing Your Applications and Custom Modules

Part II Customizing BRM Server Components

9 Adding and Modifying Policy Facilities Modules

10 Writing a Custom Facilities Module

11 Writing a Custom Data Manager

12 Customizing Information Stored in the Database

13 Searching for Objects in the BRM Database

14 Creating Custom Fields and Storable Classes

15 Adding Support for a New Service

16 Using BRM Messaging Services

17 Integrating BRM with Enterprise Applications

18 Using Events to Trigger Operations

19 Writing Custom Batch Handlers

20 Creating iScripts and iRules

21 Managing Devices with BRM

22 Managing Orders

23 Monitoring Your System with System Manager

Part III Creating and Customizing Client Applications

24 Adding New Client Applications

25 Creating Client Applications by Using Java PCM

26 Creating Client Applications by Using Perl PCM

27 Creating Client Applications by Using PCM C++

28 Creating BRM Client Applications by Using the MTA Framework

29 Adding or Changing Login Options

30 Creating Custom Search Templates for Event Browser

Part IV Customizing Customer Center and Self-Care Manager

31 Using Customer Center SDK

32 Customizing the Self-Care Manager Interface

33 Customizing the Customer Center Help System

34 Customizing the Customer Center Interface

35 Using Configurator to Configure Customer Center

36 Adding Custom Fields to Customer Center

37 Setting Up JBuilder to Customize the Customer Center Interface

38 Creating a New Customer Center Profile Panel

39 Creating a New Customer Center Service Panel

40 Sample Customer Center Customizations

Part V Localizing BRM

41 Using BRM in International Markets

42 BRM Internationalization and Localization

43 Creating a Localized Version of BRM

44 Handling Non-ASCII Code on the BRM Server

Part VI Programming Utilities

45 Developer Utilities