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Part I Configuring Pipeline Rating

1 About Pipeline Rating

2 Configuring Pipeline Rating

3 Configuring EDR Input Processing

4 Configuring EDR Output Processing

5 Configuring EDR Preprocessing

6 Setting Up EDR Enrichment

7 Setting Up Pipeline Aggregation

8 Migrating Pipeline Manager Data between Test and Production Systems

9 Transferring Data Between Pipeline Manager Databases

Part II Configuring Pipeline Discounting

10 About Discounts

11 About Implementing Discounts

12 Configuring Discounting Modules and Components

13 Discount Sharing Configuration Example

14 Global Charge Sharing Configuration Example

15 Discounting Utilities

Part III Suspending and Recycling EDRs

16 About the EDR Recycling Features

17 About Standard Recycling

18 Configuring Standard Recycling

19 Using Standard Recycling to Recycle Suspended EDRs

20 About Suspense Manager

21 Installing Suspense Manager

22 Configuring Suspense Manager

23 Using Suspense Manager

24 Suspense Reasons

25 About Suspense Manager Opcodes

26 Suspense Management Utilities

27 Recycling EDRs in Pipeline-Only Systems

Part IV Twin Talk Enabler

28 About Twin Talk Enabler

29 Sample Twin Talk Enabler Configuration Procedures

Part V Loading Rated Events

30 Understanding Rated Event Loader

31 Installing Rated Event Loader

32 Configuring Rated Event Loader

33 Loading Prerated Events

Part VI Pipeline Manager Reference

34 BRM Rating EDR Container Description

35 List of Pipeline Manager Modules, iScripts, and iRules

36 Pipeline Manager Function Modules

37 Pipeline Manager Data Modules

38 Pipeline Manager iRules

39 Pipeline Manager iScripts

40 Pipeline Manager Input and Output Modules

41 Pipeline Manager Framework Modules

42 Pipeline Manager Utilities