Oracle Berkeley DB Java Edition, 12c Release 2

Library, Version 7.5.11, 2017-10-31 09:36:36 UTC

Getting Started Guides

If you are new to Berkeley DB Java Edition, the following guides will help you learn about important concepts and get started.

Getting Started Guide HTML | PDF
Writing Transactional Applications HTML | PDF
Java Collections Tutorial HTML | PDF
Getting Started with BDB JE High Availability HTML | PDF

Programmatic APIs

Javadoc: the javadoc covers the full set of all public JE APIs. Starting points for the different APIs are listed below.

Base API
Direct Persistence Layer (DPL)
High Availability/Replication


General Examples
Translating SQL into BDB Example
BDB JE HA Examples

Build and Installation Notes

Installation Notes
Release Notes
Change Log
Using JE trace logging
Monitoring JE with JMX and JConsole

Additional Information

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