29 Changes in MySQL 5.6.12 (2013-06-03, General Availability)

Known limitations of this release:


InnoDB may fail to open a tablespace that has multiple data files due to newly introduced corruption checking functionality. It is recommended that you do not upgrade to this version if you have more than one file for your shared InnoDB tablespace. If you have upgraded to an affected version and the server no longer starts, you can upgrade to a later version when it becomes available or downgrade to an earlier version.


If you have InnoDB tables with full-text search indexes and you are upgrading from MySQL 5.6.10 to a MySQL version up to and including MySQL 5.6.18, the server will fail to start after the upgrade (Bug#72079). This bug is fixed in MySQL 5.6.19. As a workaround, remove full-text search indexes prior to upgrading and rebuild full-text search indexes after the upgrade is completed.

Functionality Added or Changed

Bugs Fixed