MySQL 5.7 Reference Manual Including MySQL NDB Cluster 7.5 and NDB Cluster 7.6

21.4.17 ndb_perror — Obtain NDB Error Message Information

ndb_perror shows information about an NDB error, given its error code. This includes the error message, the type of error, and whether the error is permanent or temporary. Added to the MySQL NDB Cluster distribution in NDB 7.6.4, it is intended as a drop-in replacement for perror --ndb.


ndb_perror [options] error_code

ndb_perror does not need to access a running NDB Cluster, or any nodes (including SQL nodes). To view information about a given NDB error, invoke the program, using the error code as an argument, like this:

shell> ndb_perror 323
NDB error code 323: Invalid nodegroup id, nodegroup already existing: Permanent error: Application error

To display only the error message, invoke ndb_perror with the --silent option (short form -s), as shown here:

shell> ndb_perror -s 323
Invalid nodegroup id, nodegroup already existing: Permanent error: Application error

Like perror, ndb_perror accepts multiple error codes:

shell> ndb_perror 321 1001
NDB error code 321: Invalid nodegroup id: Permanent error: Application error
NDB error code 1001: Illegal connect string

Additional program options for ndb_perror are described later in this section.

ndb_perror replaces perror --ndb, which is deprecated as of NDB 7.6.4 and subject to removal in a future release of MySQL NDB Cluster. To make substitution easier in scripts and other applications that might depend on perror for obtaining NDB error information, ndb_perror supports its own dummy --ndb option, which does nothing.

The following table includes all options that are specific to the NDB Cluster program ndb_perror. Additional descriptions follow the table.

Table 21.252 Command-line options for the ndb_perror program

Format Description Added, Deprecated, or Removed



Display help text

ADDED: NDB 7.6.4


For compatibility with applications depending on old versions of perror; does nothing

ADDED: NDB 7.6.4



Show error message only

ADDED: NDB 7.6.4



Print program version information and exit

ADDED: NDB 7.6.4



Verbose output; disable with --silent

ADDED: NDB 7.6.4

Additional Options