MySQL™ Cluster Manager 1.4.8 User Manual

4.6.6 The update process Command

update process [--remove-angel] --pid=os_pid process_id cluster_name

For MySQL Cluster Manager 1.4.2 and later: This command updates the status of the MySQL NDB Cluster process having the process ID process_id in the cluster named cluster_name when the status of the process is no longer reflected correctly in the output of the show status --process command. This typically happens in the following cases:

The command works by importing the process into the control of mcmd again. Checks performed on a process by mcmd during a cluster import are performed for the update process command. Both the process's ID in the cluster (process_id) and its PID on the operating system (specified with the --pid option) are required. Suppose that the process ID of a data node in the cluster named mycluster is 3 and its PID on the operating system is 9846, the data node can be updated as shown here:

mcm> update process --pid=9846 3 mycluster;
| Command result               |
| Process updated successfully |
1 row in set (33.07 sec)

For a data node or an SQL node, the command only works if there is at least 1 replica per nodegroup running.

For MySQL Cluster Manager 1.4.7 and later, update process supports a --remove-angel option, which should be used when updating data nodes: it kills any running angel process for a data node and updates its PID file prior to the actual update; those steps are necessary for the update process.