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Oracle Demantra Demand Management User Guide
Release 7.3
Part Number E05179-08
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Oracle Demantra Demand Management User Guide


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Introduction to Demand Management

What is Demand Management?
Why Manage Demand?
Typical Tasks in Demand Management

Demand Management Overview

Oracle Demantra Demand Management Overview
Product Family Forecasting Overview
Configure to Order Overview
Service Parts Planning and Service Parts Forecasting Overview

Running Simulations

Overview of Forecasting
Viewing Forecast Details
Performing Advanced Analytics (Nodal Tuning)
Running Simulations
Checking the Simulation Queue
Canceling a Simulation

Demand Management Worksheets

Worksheets Overview
Configure to Order Worksheets
Service Parts Forecasting (SPF) Worksheets

Configuring Demand Management

Overview of the Configuration Process
Configuring Demand Management Users
Configuring Approval Workflows
Configuring the Base Time Unit and Time Bucket Start Day
Configuring the Item Short Name and Description
Controlling System and Engine Maximum Sales Dates
Purging Historical Sales Data

Demand Management Levels and Series

Demand Management Levels
Demand Management Series