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Oracle Product Information Management User's Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13109-09
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Oracle Product Information Management User's Guide


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Using the Item Catalog

Browsing the Item Catalog and Alternate Catalogs
Updating Item Catalog Categories
Assigning an Item to a Category
Changing an Existing Item's Item Catalog Category
Copying Items with Category Assignments
Assigning Suppliers to Items
Searching for Items
Managing Favorite Items
Using Recently Visited
Creating New Items
Creating New Item Requests
Managing Item Imports
Importing Items Using a Spreadsheet
Importing Item Revisions Using a Spreadsheet
Importing Item Categories Using a Spreadsheet
Importing Item Organization Assignment Using a Spreadsheet
Importing Item People Assignment Using a Spreadsheet
Updating Existing Items
Updating Existing Items Using a Spreadsheet
Mass Updating Items, Categories and Associations
Deleting Items
Updating Multi-Row Attributes in a Spreadsheet
Managing Item Specifications
Managing Item Phases
Managing AMLs
Creating Item Revisions
Managing Item Attachments
Using Item Business Events
Enabling Organization Assignments
Managing Revision Phases
Viewing Item Transaction Information
Generating Reports

Using Style and SKU Items

Overview of Style and SKU Items
Creating Style and SKU Items
Creating a SKU Packaging Hierarchy

Synchronizing Product Data and Managing Data Quality

Overview of Inbound Product Data Synchronization and Data Quality Management
Creating Batches
Reviewing and Importing Batches
Reviewing and Importing PIMDH Batches
Reviewing and Importing GDSN Batches
Performing Actions on Batches
Managing 1SYNC Messages
Managing Subscriptions

Using Change Management

Change Management Overview
Searching for Ideas, Issues, and Changes
Creating Issues
Creating Ideas
Creating Change Requests
Creating Change Notifications
Creating Change Orders
Performing Actions
Managing the Action Log
Creating Change Revisions
Managing Change Header Attachments
Managing People and Roles
Managing Issue and Change Request Lines
Managing Change Order Revised Items
Managing Change Tasks
Creating Relationships
Managing Workflows
Importing Changes
Importing Changes Using the Engineering Change Order Open Interfaces
Using the Import Workbench to Import Change Objects
Engineering Change Order Open Interface Tables
Managing Reports

Using Configuration Management

Searching for Items in a Structure
Viewing Item Structures
Managing Item Structures
Managing the Packaging Hierarchy
Performing Item 'Where Used' Inquiries

Using the Product Workbench

Product Workbench Overview
Item Management
Creating Items
Overview of Product Structure and Bills of Material Management
Managing Bills of Material/Product Structures
Importing Product Structure/BOM
Using Multilevel Structures
Managing Structures Using Effectivity Control
Excluding Structures
Exclusion Rules by Product Revisions
Excluding Transaction Attribute Value Set Values
Overriding Component Attribute Values
Creating Structures
Viewing Structure Information
Editing Structure Information
Using Defined Structure Names and Types
Viewing Structures in the Context of a Change Order
Marking Up Structures
Creating New Issues or Change Orders
Valid Component Types

E-Business Suite Attachments

Using E-Business Suite Attachments
Adding Attachments
Managing Attachments
Logging On to Repositories
Troubleshooting Attachments

Publishing Items and Structures to Multiple Systems

Publishing Overview
Publishing Items and Structures
Viewing the Publishing History