Oracle Advanced Pricing Implementation Guide


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Overview of Oracle Advanced Pricing
Oracle Advanced Pricing Versus Basic Pricing
Oracle Advanced Pricing Features
Process Flow for Implementation

Implementation Overview

Setup Flow to Implement Oracle Advanced Pricing

Implementation Methodology

Overview of Implementation Methodology
Using Oracle Advanced Pricing in the HTML Interface
Methodology Steps

Profile Options and Pricing Parameters

Overview of Profile Options
Profile Options Setup Summary
Overview of Pricing Parameters
Viewing Pricing Parameter Definitions
Viewing and Updating Pricing Parameter Values
Seeded Pricing Parameters

Pricing Security

Overview of Oracle Pricing Security
Pricing Security and Operating Units
Setup Steps for Implementing Pricing Security
Changes to Pricing User Interfaces (UI) after Upgrading and Turning On Security
Assigning Pricing Entity Usage
Implementation Suggestions for Privileges
Creating Privileges
Creating Entity Sets
Setting Security Profile Options
Turning On Pricing Security

Pricing Data Bulk Loader

Overview of Pricing Data Bulk Loader
Populating the Interface Table
QP: Bulk Import of Price List Program

Price Lists

Overview of Price Lists
Bulk Importing of Price Lists
Usage Price Break Proration

Price Book

Overview of Price Book
Implementation Steps for Price Book
Setting Up Price Book Profile Options
Setting Up the E-mail Server
Setting Up the Default Printer
Setting Up Oracle XML Publisher
Setting Up the XML Gateway Message Maps
Setting Up the Price Book User Interface (UI)
Confirm Pricing Parameter Setup


Overview of Modifiers
Implementation Planning
Modifier Levels and Application Methods
Other Modifier Considerations
Pricing Controls
Modifier Type Setup
Setting up Accrual Discounts
Using Accumulated Range Breaks
      Setting Up Runtime Sourcing for Accumulated Range Breaks

Archiving and Purging Pricing Entities

Overview of Archiving and Purging Pricing Entities

Multicurrency Price Lists and Agreements

Overview of Multicurrency Price Lists and Agreements
      Example of Multicurrency Price List Usage
Fresh Install Using Multiple Currency Price List
Upgrading from Single Currency Price List to Multiple Currency Price List
Implementation Decisions for Creating Multicurrency Conversion Lists
Using Multiple Currency Price List with Other Oracle Products

Unit of Measure

Overview of Unit of Measure
      Defining UOM
      Pricing Actions: Primary UOM and Pricing UOM
      Pricing Controls: Profile Options

Multiple Organizations

Overview of Multiple Organization Model
      Operating Units
      Item Validation Organizations

Precedence and Best Price

Overview of Precedence and Best Price
Default Precedence Numbers
Matched Qualifiers for Modifiers/Price Lists
Price List Incompatibility Resolution
Modifier Incompatibility Resolution
      Setting Up Incompatibility Groups
Incompatibility Resolution Examples

Attribute Management

Overview of Attribute Management
Creating Contexts and Attributes for Pricing Setup Windows
Deleting Contexts and Attributes
Linking Attributes to a Pricing Transaction Entity
Mapping Attributes of Type ATTRIBUTE MAPPING
Running the Build Attribute Mapping Rules Program (Attribute Mapping Only)
Creating Source Systems
Creating a New Pricing Transaction Entity
Using Custom Sourced Attributes
Restoring Seeded Data Using the Restore Defaults Button
Troubleshooting While Setting Up Attributes
      Troubleshooting in Pricing Setup windows Related to Attribute Management
      Troubleshooting During Pricing Setup
      Troubleshooting During Integration or Runtime
Upgrading Considerations
Upgrading Context and Attributes
Mapping of Seeded Request Types and Source Systems
Creating PTE and Attribute Links
Upgrade Attribute Mapping Rules
Assigning PTE to Existing Modifiers

Get Custom Price

Overview of Get_Custom_Price Implementation
Implementing Get_Custom_Price

Events and Phases

Overview of Events and Phases
What Are Pricing Events?
What Are Pricing Phases?
Assigning Pricing Phases

Pricing Engine Request Viewer Window

Overview of Pricing Engine Request Viewer
Setting Up the User Profiles
Regions in the Pricing Engine Request Viewer
Pricing Engine Requests Region
Pricing Engine Request Lines Region
Pricing Engine Request Line Details Region
Attributes Window
Related Lines Window
Formula Step Values Window
Debug Log Window
Analyzing Error Messages

Integrating with Oracle Advanced Pricing

Overview of Integrating with Oracle Advanced Pricing
Integration Steps Required for Pricing
Pricing Engine Interaction Details
Changed Lines API
Oracle Service Contracts (OKS) Integration: Proration and Price List Locking
      Integration Flow for Price List Locking
      Integration Flow for Proration
      Duration and Partial Period Pricing of Service Items
Pricing Features to Support Telecommunications Industry Flows [Oracle Telecommunications Service Ordering (TSO)]

High Volume Order Processing

Overview of High Volume Order Processing

Technical Considerations

Basic versus Oracle Advanced Pricing
Oracle Advanced Pricing Engine Processing
      Search Engine
      Calculation Engine
Extendibility Features

Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

Overview of Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
Summary of Pricing Engine Messages and Diagnosis
Common Troubleshooting Problems in Pricing Windows
      Other Technical Considerations
Attribute Management Troubleshooting

Windows and Navigation Paths

Windows and Navigation Paths

Attribute Seed Data

Overview of Attribute Seed Data
Complex Maintenance Repair and Overhaul PTE Attributes
Demand Planning PTE Attributes
Intercompany Transaction PTE Attributes
Logistics PTE Attributes
Order Fulfillment PTE Attributes
Procurement PTE Attributes

Seeded Formulas

Overview of Seeded Formulas
Seeded Cost-to-Charge Conversion Formulas
Seeded Markup Formulas

Optimal Performance

Overview of Optimal Performance
Oracle Advanced Pricing Setup Considerations
Qualifier Selectivity
Qualifier Selectivity Examples
Pattern Search
Ignore Pricing
Additional Tips for Better Performance
Analyzing your Data Distributions Using a Script
Technical Improvements

Case Study: Pricing Scenarios in the High-Tech Industry

Overview of Pricing Scenario
      Applying Oracle Advanced Pricing
      Results of Pricing Scenario

Case Study: Using Oracle Advanced Pricing Formulas for Healthy Fast Food

Problem Definition
Pricing the Burger


Overview of Lookups