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Oracle Advanced Collections User Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13451-04
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Oracle Advanced Collections User Guide


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Introduction to Oracle Advanced Collections

Oracle Advanced Collections Key Features
Oracle Advanced Collections Integrations
Process Flow for Oracle Advanced Collections
Process Flow for Strategies
Process Flow for Dunning Plans
Process Flow for Later-stage Delinquencies
Process Flow for Campaigns

Overview of Using Oracle Advanced Collections

Oracle Advanced Collections User Interface
Using the Collections Window
Using the Navigator in Oracle Advanced Collections
Using Collector's Work Queue
Managing Assigned Work Items
About Dynamic Tables


Overview of Searching
      Using Partial Search Terms
      Optimizing Your Searches

Interacting with Customers

Overview of Interacting with Customers
Viewing Customer Information
      Changing the Operational Data Level View
      Designating Customer Contacts
Using the Profile Tab
Viewing History
Viewing Aging

Processing Transactions

Overview of Processing Transactions
Viewing Invoices Using Bill Presentment Architecture
Processing Payments
Accepting Promises to Pay
Viewing Claims in Oracle Trade Management

Managing Later-stage Delinquencies

Overview of Later-stage Delinquencies
Viewing Collection Lifecycle Data
Collections Lifecycle
Managing Later-stage Delinquencies
Tracking Costs for Collecting a Case

Using Dunning Plans

Running Concurrent Programs for Dunning Plans
Dunning in Correspondence History

Using Strategies

Viewing Strategies for a Customer
Changing Work Items in a Strategy
Changing a Strategy
Reviewing Strategies as a Manager

Reporting and Transferring Cases to External Parties

Overview of Reporting to a Credit Bureau
Using a Strategy to Notify and Report to a Credit Bureau
Overview of Transferring to an External Agency
Using a Strategy to Transfer to an External Agency
Details of Transfer to External Agency Workflows

Administering Oracle Advanced Collections

Using Preconfigured Components
Running Concurrent Programs
Concurrent Programs for Oracle Lease and Finance Management

Running Reports

Running Oracle Advanced Collections Reports
Campaign Outcome Summary Report
Collector Outcome Summary Report
Payment Collector Summary Report
Payment Collector Detail Report
Payment Campaign Summary Report
Payment Campaign Detail Report
Promise Reconciliation Summary Report - Schedule or Collector
Promise Reconciliation Detail Report - Schedule or Collector

User Procedures

Finding Text in Dynamic Tables
Performing Quick Searches
Performing Expanded Searches
Creating a List
Saving a Query for Reuse
Searching Using a Query You Have Saved
Viewing a List You Have Created
Profile Tab
Customer Contacts
History Tab
Viewing Adjustment History
Viewing Correspondence History
Viewing Dispute History
Viewing Interaction History
Viewing Payment History
Viewing Promise History
Viewing Account Balances by Aging Bucket
Viewing Open Credits
Viewing Account Information
Viewing Cases
Viewing Contracts a Customer Has With Your Organization
Notes Tab
Tasks Tab
Viewing Loan Information
Using Custom Tabs
Using Attachments
Using Directory Assistance
Payment Processing
Viewing Transaction Data
Processing Credit Card Payments
Adding Credit Card Information
Processing Bank Check EFT Payments
Entering a Promise to Pay
Reversing Payments
Adjusting Invoices
Disputing Invoices
Reviewing Delinquencies
Updating a Delinquency
Recording a Bankruptcy
Closing a Bankruptcy
Manually Notifying Customers of Impending Report to Credit Bureau
Manually Reporting a Customer to a Credit Bureau
Reporting All Customers
Manually Transferring Cases to an External Agency
Manually Reviewing Transferred Cases
Manually Recalling Transferred Cases
Controlling Status in the Collections Header
Reassigning Work
Running the Campaign and Collector Outcome Reports
Running the Payment Collector Report
Running the Payment Campaign Report
Running the Reconciliation Report
Self Registering Accounts