Oracle Internet Expenses Implementation and Administration Guide


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Overview of Oracle Internet Expenses

Introducing Oracle Internet Expenses
Key Features of Oracle Internet Expenses
Expense Report Process

Setting Up Applications for Oracle Internet Expenses

Oracle Internet Expenses and Other Oracle Applications
Integrating with Oracle Application Object Library
Integrating with Oracle Human Resources
Integrating with Oracle System Administration
Setup Steps in Oracle Payables
Integrating with Other Applications

Oracle Internet Expenses Setup and Administration

Internet Expenses Setup
Internet Expenses Administration
Policy Compliance and Violation Types
Setting Up Schedules in Oracle Internet Expenses
Creating Policy Schedules
Rate Schedules
      Creating Mileage Rate Schedules
      Creating Per Diem Rate Schedules
Updating Rate Schedules
Navigating the Schedules Setup
Common Setup Features
Defining Operating Units
Expense Allocations
Setting Up Locations
Defining Approval Notes Languages
Defining Future-Date Tolerances
Setting Up Contact Us
      Defining Contact Us Rules
      Testing Contact Us Rules
Setting Up Exchange Rates Behavior
Managing Advances
Setting Up Expense Fields
Setting Up Merchant Fields
Setting Up Credit Card Policies
Setting Up Credit Card Expense Mapping
Setting Up Credit Card Data File Download
Credit Card Transaction Administration

Setting Up Audit Automation

Audit Automation in Oracle Internet Expenses
Audit Rule Sets
Managing Receipt Notifications
Managing Holds on Expense Reports
Audit List
Audit List Rule Sets
Audit List API
Audit Reasons API

Implementing Client Extensions

Overview of Implementing Client Extensions
Validations and Defaults Client Extension
Workflow Client Extension
Accounting Client Extensions
Expense Report Summary Client Extension
Approval Communications Client Extension
AME Client Extensions
Expense Report Number Client Extension
Employee Matching Rules

Configuring the Expenses Spreadsheet

Disconnected Expense Reporting Process
Configuring the Microsoft Excel Template
Displaying the Sheet Tabs
Configuring the Expense Report Sheet
Setting Up Currency Codes
Setting Up Expense Types
Changing Column and Cell Headings
Modifying Cell Links
Setting Up Descriptive Flexfields in the Microsoft Excel Template
Setting Up Text Boxes and Choice Lists
Other Setup Considerations
Testing your Custom Microsoft Excel Template

Defining Workflow Processes

Expenses Workflow
      Accessing the Expenses Workflow Processes
      Setting Up Workflow Builder for the Expenses Process
      Extending the Expenses Workflow
      Expenses Item Type
      Expenses Workflow Item Type Attributes
Expenses Workflow Processes
      AP Standard Expense Report Process
      Server Side Validation Process
      Manager (Spending) Approval Process
      Non-AME Approval Process
      Manager (Shortpay) Approval Subprocess
      AME Approval Process
      AME Request Approvals Process
      Finding and Verifying Approvers
      Third Party Expense Report Process
      Request Approval Process
      No Manager Response Process
      AP Approval Process
      Shortpay Unverified Receipt Items Process
      Bothpay Process
      Missing Receipts Shortpay Process
      Policy Violation Shortpay Process
      Rejection Process
Credit Cards Workflow
Accessing the Credit Cards Workflow Processes
Setting Up Workflow Builder for the Credit Card Processes
Credit Cards Workflow Item Type Attributes
Credit Cards Process Activities
Expense Receipts Workflow
Expense Holds Workflow
Initiating Deferred Workflow Processes

Profile Options

Required Profile Options
Optional Profile Options

Configuring the User Interface

Personalizing the Oracle Application Framework
Using the Oracle Application Framework with Oracle Internet Expenses
Admin-level Personalizations for Expenses Entry

Oracle Audit Management

Oracle Internet Expenses Audit Pages
Managing Paperless Audit
Auditing Expense Reports
Receiving the Receipt Package
Approval Notes

Processing Corporate Credit Cards

Credit Card Process Flows
Credit Card Processing Steps
Company Pay Credit Card Transactions Accounting
Accounting for Credit Card Transactions
Managing Credit Card Transactions

Oracle Internet Expenses Programs and Reports

Oracle Payables Programs and Reports
Oracle Internet Expenses Programs and Reports

Ad Hoc Reporting

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