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Oracle US Federal Human Resources Workforce Sourcing, Deployment, and Talent Management Guide
Release 12.1
Part Number E13473-12
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Oracle US Federal Human Resources Workforce Sourcing, Deployment, and Talent Management Guide


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Recruitment and Hiring

Recruitment and Hiring Overview
Recruitment and Hiring
Recruitment Preparation
Raising a Requisition for a Vacancy
Defining a Recruitment Activity
Viewing Vacancies
Selection Processing
Applications and Assignments
Applicant Assignment Statuses
Interviews and Other Recruitment Events
Application Termination
Recording an Application Quickly
Entering Full Application Information
Scheduling an Interview
Cancelling an Applicant Record
Updating Applicant Assignments by Group
Rejecting an Application
Running the Requisition Summary Report
Appointments and the Hiring Process
Hiring an Applicant (People and RPA Windows)
Rehiring an Ex-Employee
Filling a Position
Recruitment Using People Management Templates
Entering a New Applicant
Recording an Application
Entering Application Information
Making an Offer to an Applicant
Changing an Applicant's Status to Accepted Offer
Hiring an Applicant
Ending an Application
Reactivating an Application
Terminating an Applicant

People Management

People Management Overview
People Management
People in a Global Enterprise
Tracking People's Roles and Activities
Windows for Maintaining Personal Information
Identifying Employees, Contingent Workers, and Assignments
Person Extra Information Types
Person Record Synchronization
Person-Name Formats
Special Information Types
Finding a Person Using the Find Person Window
Entering a New Person
Entering Additional Personal Information (People Window)
Entering Pictures
Entering and Maintaining Documents of Record
Running the Person Synchronization Report
Summarizing Personnel Data
Deleting a Person from the System
Setting Up Special Information
Running the Federal Special Information Types Process
Enabling Special Information Types
Entering Special Information
Running the Update Person Names Program
Creating Contract Statuses
Defining Contract Letter Types
Entering Contracts
Managing Contracts
Generating and Printing Contracts
Employee Assignment
Employment Information
Employment History
Entering Payment Methods for an Employee Assignment
Entering Previous Employment Details
Contingent Workers
The Contingent Worker Assignment
Contingent Worker Suppliers
US Federal Contingent Workers
Processing US Federal Contingent Worker Information
Defining a Combination of Assignment Rate Type and Basis
Entering Assignment Rates for Contingent Worker Assignments
Starting a Placement for an Ex-Employee or Ex-Contingent Worker
Assignment Statuses
Assignment Status Types
Assignment Extra Information Types
Defining Assignment Statuses (Assignment Window)
Entering Additional Assignment Details (Assignment Window)
Entering Additional Employment Information
Entering a New Assignment
Changing Assignment Information
Removing Title from Person Search Lists
Using Mass Applicant Assignment Update
Reviewing and Correcting Mass Assignment Update Errors
Purging Transaction Data
Workforce and Applicant Termination
Terminating an Assignment
Ending a Placement
Canceling a Termination
Updating an Employee's Final Process Date
Contact Information Overview
Adding a City to the Database
Entering People's Addresses at Sites without Oracle Payroll
Entering People's Addresses at Sites with Oracle Payroll
Adding Telephone Information (Phone Numbers Window)
Entering Communication Delivery Methods
Entering Next of Kin and Other Contacts
Folders for Saved Search Criteria or Results
Template Windows User Interface
Finding a Person or Group of People
Managing Your Group Folders
Entering Contingent Worker Information
Maintaining Contingent Worker Information
Activating an Assignment
Suspending an Assignment
Checking for Duplicate People
Sending a Workflow Notification
Entering Visa Related Data
Saving Search Criteria or Search Results to a Folder
Deleting a Folder
Creating a New Group Folder
The Workforce Headcount Report Set
New Hire Reporting
Running the Full Personal Details Report Set
Running the Employee Summary Report
Running the Worker Organization Movements Report
Running the Assignment Status Report
Running the Head Count Detail Report
Running the Workforce Count Reports
Running the Duplicate Person Report
Running the Full Person Details Report
Running the Person Full History Report
Using the People Folders
Listing Assignments Using the Assignments Folder
Listing Assignments Using the List Assignments Window
Using the List People by Assignment Window
Listing Workforce by Position
Listing Workforce by Organization
Listing People by Special Information
Viewing a Worker's Assignment History
Setting up New Hire Reporting
Running the New Hire State Report
Running the New Hire State Magnetic Media Report
Key Concepts for People Management Intelligence
Employee Anniversary and Birthday Detail Workbook
Employee by Supervisor Status Workbook
Employee Composition Analysis Workbook
Employee Hired or Terminated Detail Workbook
Employee Mailing Address (United States Specific) Detail Workbook
Employee Organization Transfer Detail Workbook
Employee Primary Assignment Detail Workbook
Employee Termination Detail Workbook
Employee Termination with Comments Detail Workbook
Human Resource Setup Analysis Workbook
Person/Assignment History Detail Workbook

Request for Personnel Actions

Requests for Personnel Action Overview
Requests for Personnel Action
Request for Personnel Action (RPA) Window
RPA Actions Based on Roles
Extra Information and the RPA
Pay Calculation on an RPA
Restricted RPA Form
The RPA Routing History
Productivity Data
Processing a Request for Personnel Action (RPA)
Setting Effective Dates on the Request for Personnel Action (RPA)
Entering Remarks on an RPA
Entering Legal Authority Codes (LACs) on an RPA
Enclosing Attachments and Notes to an RPA
Processing Dual Actions
Changing NOA Families on an RPA
Entering Productivity Data
Creating a Restricted RPA
RPA Update to the HR Database
Refreshed Data and Data Maintenance
RPA Signatures and Approvals
Printed Notification of Personnel Action
Signing an RPA
Approving an RPA
Displaying Refreshed RPA Information
Processing Your Own RPA
Printing the RPA
Printing the Notification of Personnel Action
Retroactive and Future Actions
Correction Actions
Processing Future Actions
Scheduling Future Dated RPA Actions
Processing Retroactive Actions
Canceling an NPA
Canceling or Correcting Future Approved Actions
Correcting an NPA
Retained Grade Actions
Change in Hours, Work Schedules, or Duty Station
Processing Not to Exceed Actions
Processing Name Change Actions
Processing Conversion Actions
Verifying or Changing FEGLI Codes
Alternative Federal HR Systems
Moving Employees to AFHR Positions

Workforce Management Mass Actions

Workforce Management Mass Actions Overview
Workforce Management Mass Actions
Error Handling
Mass Transfers
Mass NOA
Processing Mass Actions
Entering Remarks and Legal Authority Codes
Running the Final Mass Action
Printing Mass Action Reports
Setting up a Workflow Administrator's Groupbox
Deleting Invalid Mass Actions
Processing a Mass Transfer Out
Processing a Mass Transfer In
Processing Mass Realignments
Processing a Mass NOA
Processing a Mass Cancellation
Retention Register Folder
Producing a Retention Register

Talent Management

Talent Management Overview
Talent Management Requirements
Competencies Overview
Rating Scales
Competency Measurement
Competency Types
Defining Rating Scales
Defining Competencies
Querying Competencies
Uploading Third-Party Competency Information
Grouping Competencies into Types
Competency Requirements
Defining Core Competencies
Defining Organization, Job, and Position Competency Requirements
Copying Competency Requirements
Viewing Competency Requirements
Competency Profiles
Suitability Matching
Creating a Competency Profile
Entering Work Preferences for a Worker
Qualification Types
Defining Qualification Types
Entering Qualifications
Defining Schools and Colleges
Entering Schools and Colleges Attended
Career Paths
Defining Career Paths
The Special Information Approach to Skills Matching
Running the Skills Matching Report
Event and Attendance Administration
Entering Performance Ratings
Entering an Employee Review
Creating a Booking Event
Key Concepts for Competencies, Qualifications, and Development Intelligence
Competence (Skill) Development Detail Workbook
Competence Updates after Appraisal Workbook

HRMS Glossary